33 Wonderful Eco Friendly Homes

Find the best residence for your life. Think the safe of your environment when you build a home. Choose the eco-friendly materials to build it. By this, you will keep the environment indirectly. When you can’t make the environment green, you can keep it. You have many options of eco-friendly materials which you can use for it. Take the best ones and use them to build your home. Work with your own creative minds to make the home one of the wonderful eco friendly homes you have ever known.

Begin building your wonderful eco friendly homes by choosing the material for it. Bamboo can be your choice. It will be easy to be found around you. Besides, it is also cheap. This way will not break the environment as the bamboo is easy to grow and also doesn’t need long time to produce the new plants.

Take some bamboos and cut them into some pieces as you need. Clean them and you can arrange them to build your home. Use the bamboos as the wall of your home. They take much role in your home. Don’t forget to build windows to keep the house bright and healthy. Use glass as the combination of the bamboo. The modern impression of the glass will blend with the rustic of the bamboo wall. It will be really cool.

Continue your way to create wonderful eco friendly homes by choosing the best roofs. When it has finished, you can go on the furniture selection for your home. Wooden furniture and other eco-friendly furniture is a smart choice for your home. It will keep the home is suitable with the environment.

Place the furniture in the rooms where you want and you need. Last, prefect the wonderful eco friendly homes by presenting a green yard around your home. Plant soma trees and grow green grass. Make them more colourful with beautiful flowers. You can spend your time in your life there.

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