34 Cool Painting Ideas

Build a comfortable home for your life. Make you feel more than just comfortable but also happy living there. Catch the wonderful design and work with them to finish the project of building your house. Perfect it with cool painting ideas. Your home will be very interesting and everyone who visits it will love it. Where will you start and what can you do at home?

Begin the cool painting ideas by checking the condition of your home. You can start from the ceiling. It is a good thing to make your home more spacious. So, paint it white or it is also possible for you to choose cream as its color. Then, the wall is also painted with the same color as the ceiling. Present something different in your home through the floor. Dark shabby floor is the way.

Just buy the dark shabby green tiles or marbles and install them on the floor of the room. Step surely on it. Next, you can take a side of walls as the main point in the home. Paint it with abstract painting. Make a nuance of rustic or country environment. Use yellow as the base color. Move your canvas with soft green to draw leaves of trees.

Paint white flowers among them. When it has finished, you can continue the next idea by making it more dramatic. Place a floor lamp with yellow lighting in the corner. Turn it on and you will see an amazing wall painting. After that, painting the cupboards is one of the ideas which you should do.

Choose the dark shabby green as the floor. Combine the cool painting ideas with the things at home. Use a unique table and luxurious chairs with black pads. Hang an amazing gold pendant lamp over the table. Make it more perfect by placing a gold sculpture. It will be great.

Do you want to make your home fresh? Do it by putting green pot plants there. The green plants will support the cool painting ideas in creating a wonderful home! Try it out!

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