35 Cool Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Lion King Baby Shower Decorations can be one of the perfect ideas to make the party cheerful. It shows the cute jungle theme and gives the baby exiting experience. Lion king is usually applied to the baby boys shower party decoration. It is because this strong animal images the powerful character of the boys. Besides, the lion baby is really cute. It can be applied to many decorations in tis party.

If you are the parent and want to make the baby shower party with lion king, you can use it for the cake. Take the party cake with baby lion on it. Choose the cute baby lion so the cake impresses beautiful and calm. To show up the lion, white cake with orange or brown decoration is perfect. In this case, the cake is suggested in two or three floor; so it will look elegant but still cute and fun.

The lion also can be used as the room decoration. You can hang the welcoming banner with cute jungle theme. On the wall, you can place friendly lion picture. It will make the guests interested. The decoration with lion king theme is also great for the tableware. It is good idea you use the tableware as the point of decoration. It is because every guests use them. On the table, you can put the jars with jungle animals in the jars. Therefore, when your guests enjoy the meal, they feel like in the real jungle. If you need more touch, you can also put small tropical plants.

For baby girls, you can apply the lion king theme as the Baby Shower Themes for a Girl. In this case, you can combine the lion with cute color like white, pink, green or yellow. Those colors will be appropriate for table decorations or as accessories. You can place the miniature of the gorillas, elephant and giraffe to create fun ambience in the baby shower party. Choose the fresh flowers to show the girly character.

Do not forget about the gifts. There are many ideas of Good Baby Shower Gifts that you can use. The first idea is baby toiletries. It is perfect gift of the babies because they will use it. Choose the cute theme of the toiletries to give fun and charming impression. Lion king doll may be the other idea of the baby gift, especially for baby boys. It can be cute toy for them. For the size, you can choose the appropriate size for the babies. Medium and big size of the doll can be the perfect one.

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