35 Inspiring Industrial Dining Rooms and Zones

If you have a project of designing your dining room, you can try to apply the cool industrial dining room as your choice. It will give a different look that surely makes you love it more and more. To achieve your aim, you can start by choosing brick as the materials of the wall. The brick wall is very common for the industrial feel. Make it finished and paint it white or light grey.

For an interesting look, you can let a bit of the wall unfinished. It will give you a great performance of orange bricks. Lose the boring of the white walls by installing shelves. Present industrial impression there by painting them white. Fill them with your stuffs.

Some industrial accessories are also cool to be saved there. Do you want to make your dining room cooler? Have a chalkboard. Just take a magnet board and hang it on the wall. Write some messages there when you have to leave home for business or you may also chalk menu you serve for guests when you held a party or dinner.

As industrial goes well with minimalism, it is better for you to choose the right furniture. Concrete and industrial metal furniture is what you should choose for the room. By this, you can use a big enough upcycled wooden table. Surround it with some metal chairs that are completed with silver pads for enjoyable sitting.

Two or three shabby blue chairs are ok to be placed among the metal chairs. Decorate the table with pure industrial d├ęcor. You can have an aqua vase and will it with violet lavender. Use industrial eating tools to make it perfect. Add some bold accents.

If you want to the dining zone more interesting, you can give it mid-century touches. This will look charming. The shabby awesome accents also make the room really stylish.

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