36 Extraordinary Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Do you have a dream of presenting a cheerful cool bathroom? Do you want to make it one of favourite places? It is simple. Bohemian style will help you much. You will not be disappointed of it. The application of bright colors makes the room cheerful.

Many colors that are used together there also support it. Those bright colors are not only applied on the room but also the furniture and accessories that beautify the bathroom.

Bring some textures to make it more interesting and not too boring. Where should you start the work? On the wall of the bedroom as it has a big contribution to the room. Make it fresh by installing pink wall with wonderful patterns.

The pictures of puppets really make the bedroom different. Get some interesting tiles to do that. If you apply dry bathroom, it will make you easier to get your wants. Just buy the cheerful wall paper and you can install it on the wall. Try to have different look between each wall side.

When the room is designed, it is time for getting the best furniture for it. A cool bathtub with silver legs full of carvings can be placed on the brown flooring that give a wood’s impression. Spread a brown patterned rug. The patterns that are also combined with yellow add the fresh of it. Have a separated glass shower cabin. Cover it with charming curtains. It will be a nice thing.

Go on to the other thing in the room. It will be excellent when you are combining the bohemian bathroom with rustic feel. Get the rustic from the traditional pendant lamp near the bathtub. Add some chic accessories to beautify it more and more. It is also smart to work with greenery. Take some green potted plants and place in your bathroom. Arrange them beautifully.

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