39 Stylish Blue and Turquoise Accents in Bedroom Designs

Play with a nice color that makes your bedroom relaxing. Blue can be your choice. It brings the room in a coldness but nice to the bedroom. Combine it with turquoise and other neutral colors like white and cream. But don’t apply them to all items in the bedroom. It will be cold. Apply it as the décor.

Just bring the room in elegance of white. The white ceiling and wall makes the room looks elegant. Then, the wooden flooring gives warmth to the room. It also looks friendly. Keep the room always bright by building glass windows.

In the morning, the sunshine will come to your bedroom and make you warm. A cream curtain can be hung to protect your privacy from outside. A white bed with beautiful blue shade gives a relaxing atmosphere. Shake the white pillows with some blue pillows. They will be really cool. Get nightstands from the furniture store. Choose the shiny wooden nightstands on the both sides of the bed.

Place a turquoise table lamp. On the other table, table décor can be used there. Present something inviting through the headboard. Some buttons on the headboard add the coolness of the bed. Lose the monotonous white wall by hanging some frames.

Show off your activity through pictures there. Do you need storage for your stuff? Be smart! Use all spaces in your bedroom effectively. If you don’t like to have big cupboards, it can be a good idea to have storage under the bed or inside the headboard. Use them to store your stuff.

Blue floated wall shelves can be a great way to add the interesting impression to the bedroom. Fill them with charming accessories. Some your favourite books can be also yours there. Bring a natural feel by placing a green potted plant in the corner. It is fresh, right?

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