40 Wonderful Wooden Bathroom Designs

Woods are always possible to be applied in any space in your house including your bathroom. Don’t worry of the spoiling of the water; you can keep it from the water splashes. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot apply woods in spaces you want. By applying modern water proof coats, you wants of applying woods in any parts of you bathroom can be done.

There will no worries about the use of water anymore. As the simplest way to create a cool wooden bathroom, you can start by applying the woods as the wall of the bathroom. Get the dark brown wooden wall. This brings the bathroom has a strong impression, although there will be warmth on the wood.

The ceiling can also be built with the wood. Choose the dark one to keep the harmony of the room. Install some ceiling lamps to illuminate the room when you are doing activities there. Let the floors constructed by white tiles.

Get the rough one to make it not slippery. Fill the wooden bathroom with appliances. A wooden spa-light can be the first thing you place. Get the bathtub with the nuance of wood. The sinks as the complementary can also made of wood. They will be great. Place double wooden sinks there. Put them on high round wooden tables. Complete with mirror. Mirror which is franked by wooden frames is what you’d choose.

Create something different by using stones as the main material of the one of sinks in your bathroom. A shower with glass around stone wall and gravel floor make the warm of the wooden bathroom looks cooler. Freshen it up with some green plants in pots around. Lighting selection can also determine the greatness of the wooden bathroom. Choose dim lighting for dramatic wooden bathroom.

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