43 Cool Small House Floor Plans

Are not lucky to have a big house for your life? It doesn’t a matter. Be smart! Design it as excellent as possible. Apply the great small house floor plans. They will make you have a great residence to live. Plan everything in your house well. You will have a great place to live there. How to design it to be a house as you want? Let’s start it.

Decide the place where you will have rooms in your house. Be smart! First, you can begin by letting the dining room and the living room blend to be one. You don’t need to place a divider for it. It will give a spacious impression to your house. If you want to separate those rooms, you can place a simple opening shelve. Besides, creating curtains yourself is a good way.

Then, go on the great small house floor plans by blending the dining room with your kitchen. Keep the cleanness of your kitchen to make you feel comfortable having meals there. Don’t forget to complete the kitchen with the kitchen tools and appliances you need like a sink, a plate washer, and other furniture.

Grab the awesome ideas for that. Then, next to kitchen, you can build a bathroom. A bathroom but cozy and amazing is more important than having many bathrooms but messy. After that, two bathrooms are enough for your small family. Use the one as the master bedroom and the other for your children bedrooms.

Your vehicle can be placed in front of your house. To keep them from the rain and the heat of the sunlight, you can install a canopy. Take the large one. Try to get the one which can cover the space in front of your house. Don’t forget to install a fence to keep your house safe. End the great small house floor plans by using simple furniture. Don’t let the furniture you use makes your small house more crowded.

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