44 Fascinating Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas

Always think smart of designing a cool bedroom in your life. Make it to be comfortable and neat. It doesn’t matter when you have a small bedroom. Everything can be done there. One you can do is by using all space in the bedroom effectively. Don’t let any spaces without giving contribution to the coolness of the bedroom.

One of many things you need to do there is by having storage. As you will surely own much stuff and accessories or other things in the bedroom, you should get as many as storage so you can keep them in the right place. By this, they will not break the comfort of the bedroom.

Start your project by using the space under the bed. It will be easy and great idea. It is a sadly when you just let it empty. Let’s work with it to create smart storage. Do you have rattan baskets? Use them for your excellent storage. It will be simple. You can just put your stuff into the baskets.

After that, they can be placed under the bed. Don’t forget to build a framework so that they can be arranged in tidiness. Hide them by letting the bed sheet fall to the floor. It is not visible, right? Another thing you can use for excellent storage is your headboard.

Take the space behind the board to have some drawers. Use them for keeping your important document. On the other sides, you may also build shelves there. They can be really great storage. You will not need to get certain spaces for your storage. Even, on the top of the headboard can be created with a bit large. This can be used for some decoration that will add the beauty of the bedroom.

Last, but not least, you can use the space under the simple table on the both sides of the bed. Add a board for a shelf. Place your favourite book which accompanies you before sleeping there.

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