5 Awesome Tips How to Install a Metal Roof with 30 Ideas

How to install a metal roof is the instruction to install a metal roof in your home. It will help you to get perfect installation, therefore, the water do not pervade into the roof. Installation of a metal roof is easy but you have to know the way to do it. it is because if you do not allow the instructions properly, you will get bad result of your roof. Therefore, we will you simple instructions of how to install metal roofing in your home.

1. Measure the area. You need to measure the area first to know how length the metal roof needed. Do it accurately to order your material. To keep you safe, it is really suggested to measure from the ground. If you must climb onto the roof, make sure you use the caution. It will help you to avoid any accident of updating your home with a metal roof. You can measure the slope of the roof to know the length of rise over run, and then you can find the square footage. By knowing all of them, you will know how much metal you need to order.

2. Prepare the work site. After you get the materials, it is time for you to prepare the site. It will help you to make your installation easy to be done. Having well organized work area is important to be determined. In this case, you will need bin to put the old roof and debris, ladder set up or your scaffolding and a place for tool. If you use electricity, make sure none of the chords are in the way.

3. Removing the existed roof. Metal roof can be applied over the old roof but for good foundation, it is suggested to remove all of the old roofing. By removing the old roofing, your work will be done easily. You can start from the highest part of roof to remove it. If there are old nails that are sticking out, you can use hammer in deep, therefore, they are not a danger for anyone or put them into debris container.

4. Repair any damage. In removing the old roof, sometimes there are damage parts, like plywood sheathing or bare bones of the roof frame. So you have to repair and fix them first. It is done to make the metal roofing installation perfect. Make sure there is no part of damage that has not been repaired. It not only makes the installation difficult but also makes the metal roofing worse.

5. Add insulation layer. The insulation layer can help to reduce moisture form the getting trapped between the sheathing and the metal roof. To apply it, you can use staple gun or nail. After you are done with all steps, it is time for you to install the metal roofing. Place them in appropriate place depending of your roof. Do it correctly to get perfect metal roof of your home and give awesome impression.

After reading this article, hopefully you have known how to install metal roofing. To get perfect looks, it is better for you to determine metal roof colors. The color will give you more attractive look to your home. Make sure you choose the color that match with your home color. The combination of the metal roofing and home color will help you to create beautiful ambience to your home.

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