50 Brilliant Gorilla Shelves Decor Ideas

Gorilla Shelves is one of the great furniture to create the storage space in your home, especially in the minimalist home. But this kind of the shelves not only can be applied in the small home but also in big home as the storage. You can use it to create the industrial decoration style of your garage or may be in other room. Therefore, we will show you how to apply this shelve as the greatest decoration in your home.

1. Garage. In this room, you can put any tools on it. Besides, you can use it as the storage space of the thing that you do not use anymore. You can place it in the corner or may be hang on the wall. This is practical decoration that makes your room really more simple and neat. As we know, garage is the place to put many kind of thing, therefore, it need more store to make the garage look great and this kind of shelve is the best solution to create it.

2. Kitchen. In the kitchen, this shelve can be used as the cabinet to store the kitchen appliances. In the modern kitchen, Gorilla Shelves is really helpful. It is because the shelves can be used to substitute the kitchen island. The kitchen appliances like pans, spatulas, frying pan and other appliances can be store there. On the other hand, the kitchen that apply this shelve will look awesome and chic.

3. Living room. Gorilla Shelves Lowes can be applies as a bookstore. For you that like reading books will have many books to store. Therefore, this shelve will help you to provide more space to store the book. You can put it in the corner of the room to maximize the room. To make it looks more fantastic, you can combine it with medium green plant. They are perfect combination to create the natural and shabby chic decoration in your living room.

4. Bedroom. In this kind of room, you can apply the small Gorilla Shelving unit. It can be used to hold you TV or may be some books. If you need more space for your closet, you can use this shelve to place your shoes or even clothes.

There are some tips to apply the Gorilla Shelves in your room as your storage space. You can choose any style or shape that will be appropriate with your room or your decoration. You can also place it in other room as decoration or as storage space. If you want to create different look of the decoration, you can paint it in your style that match with your home decoration.

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