51 Awesome Purple Accents in Bedrooms

One of charming colors is purple. It is really beautiful to apply in any rooms of your house. For you who like something girly, it is a good choice. You can work with not only purple, but black and white are cool neutral colors that can be a wonderful combination for the purple. Take a big portion for the purple. It will surely dominate all items in the bedroom.

So, just start your project of designing a great purple bedroom by painting the wall and the ceiling purple. Let the deep purple work for your floor. Get purple tiles and install them on the floor. Insert some black tiles among the purple. Shiny purple and a bit black tiled flooring adds the charm of the bedroom.

Think big to make your dream comes true. Maximize the existence of furniture you use in the bedroom well. Select furniture that can give you both your needs and also bedroom’s greatness. A black bed couch with a purple bed is a good starter for you. Some pillows which have different colors in the variety of purple shake the bedroom to be more inviting. Get a unique black floor lamp. Put it next to the bed.

A shiny black marble table is welcome to be placed next to the floor lamp. Do unusual thing in your bedroom. Build a fireplace like in the space of your bedroom. Make it will full of cravings. You will not create a real fireplace. Just put many candles inside. Then, you can use the top of the fireplace. Feel the dramatic in your room by a black gothic candle stand. Add some black or silver accessories around it. A long mirror with artistic frame can be floated on the wall over the fireplace.

Apply simple storage that doesn’t make the room messy and looks full. Keep it tidy and clean. Rest there and get your energy back to continue your days.

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