55 Cool Simple Baby Shower Games

Simple Baby Shower Games are the game that usually held in the baby shower party. They make the party really fun. It is because not only the hostage but also the guests participate in the game. Besides, by holding the baby shower games, the party will be more interesting. If you want to hold the baby shower party and there are games on it, we will give you some suggestions of the simple games that will make the party fun.

1. Do not say baby. This is simple game that can be played by every people in the party. First of all, you have to tell your guest that they cannot say “baby” when they have arrived. It is done for duration of the shower. The rule is if anyone hear someone else saying the word “baby”, in this case is forbidden word, he or she can take the rule breaker’s pin. At the end, the person who has the most pins wins a mysterious gift. This game is perfect for Baby Shower Games for Girls because girls often say “baby”.

2. Baby Sketch Artists. In this game, you as the hostage should provide markers and paper plates to all of your guests. After that, tell them you hold the game to draw a picture of the baby. The person with the best sketch will win. But there is a rule that not easy. It is because everyone has to draw the picture on his or her head. Therefore, this game will be very “hard” to be done. This game will be interesting and hilarious.

3. Feed The Baby. It is hilarious baby shower game that will make your stomach feel cramps because of laughing. The rule of this game, you have to divide into teams of two. After that, give each person a big bib. Each team is given a jar of applesauce or other baby’s food and two small cute spoons. The team member should feed the applesauce to another at the same time, but before the game is started, you have to blindfold the pair. The duo that fastest finish of their applesauce wins.

4. Baby Price is Right. This kind of game is really fun as Baby Shower Games for Men. It is because this game rule is guessing the price of the baby’s items, and most of men do not know the price. You have to provide 8 to 10 baby items to be guessed. Give each of them a paper and marker. After that, ask them to guess the price of all items. The man with the higher total without going over wins.

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