59 Cool Juicy Green Accents in Bedroom Ideas

Color always has a place in anything including your bedrooms. It determines the coolness of the bedroom. Besides, the mood can be also created through the color. That is why you must grab the best color for your bedroom according to the theme you want to apply. If you want to apply more than one colors, you have to consider so that they can be wonderful combination.

Actually all colors are great. It is just be adjusted with what theme you wish. Now, we will work with green. It will be very relaxing. So, it can be suitable for your bedroom where you spend your time after work and get the energy back. This will be surely relaxing and make you have a good quality of sleeping.

Green is also very wonderful for you who are an environmentalist. By applying the green, you will feel the sensation of nature in your own room. It will really make you like staying the room for long time. Fresh and natural are what you will find in the room when you apply green. Yet, the green needs other color as its combination. White is what it needs.

Just make the room in white, starts from the wall, ceiling and floor. Keep it clean and elegant. On the other hand, you may also install shabby dark wooden flooring. It brings warmth to the room. Have a simple bed frame. Take the white one. Fill it with white and green patterns bed. Add some green pillows and white ones to make it more inviting to visit.

Create the wall behind the bed frame inviting with green and cream wall d├ęcor. Use your ability by moving your canvas there. Round tables on the both sides of the bed can be more interesting with green plants in a glass vase and a green table lamp on the other part. Spend your spare time there comfortably by placing a green puff and spreading white and green rug.

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