65 Excellent Batman Bathroom Set Designs

Batman Bathroom Set can be applied to make the bathroom looks more charming. It is cute bathroom set that make your kids fun in bathroom activities. It is because Batman is one of the most popular cartoon character that most of kids like him. Batman is identic with black and yellow. They are perfect combination of the contrast color. Besides, kids will be happy when they use the bathroom set with their favorite character. There are many things that you can use as kids’ bathroom set like the Batman set.

1. Towel. It is the one of the bathroom set that is used by people. Towel in batman character make the shower activity feels fun. The symbol of the Batman on the towel gives charming situation for the kids. Besides, to find this thing is very easy. You can find it in the department store or other store that provides bathroom set, especially in theme.

2. Tooth brush and paste. If you can find the Batman bathroom set in the store, it mean the store provide everything in the same character. By using Batman bathroom set, hopefully kids can feel fun when the brush their teeth before sleeping. In some cases, kids do not want to brush their teeth before sleeping because they are sleepy. By using this set, they will be exited to do that.

3. Bathroom curtain. This is the most appropriate place to apply the Batman character. Applying this thing means you decorate the whole bedroom for the kids. The shadow of the curtain make the shower activities feel awesome. To strengthen the decoration, you can combine it with the wall painting in Batman design. Or you can combine with other character like Minnie Mouse Bathroom Set that will be perfect for your daughter.

4. Soap bottle. You can also complete the bathroom set with the soap bottle. The bottle in Batman shape will be the perfect one. Most kids want have it in their bathroom. Choose the appropriate shape of the bottle so that the kids can hold it while they take a shower. It is fun situation for them can take a shower with their superhero.

5. Cup. For the cup, you can use the small cup with Batman sticker there. Black cup is the most perfect one. If you want to provide the bathroom set for your kids, you can also use Disney Bathroom Sets. It is done to make your kids get their imagination of their hero. When you apply many characters in the kids’ bathroom, your kids will feel like a superhero.

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