68 Amazing Orange Accents in Bedrooms

Orange is a very fresh color. It brings a positive mood to the room where you apply it. It can also be a perfect thing to begin your day by having orange juice. So, try to apply it in your bedroom. Give orange accents through the furniture and accessories. Combine it with other color like grey, brown, white, and cream even blue. Apply them on the right spots. Keep the orange always be dominant in the room.

Imagine! When you wake up and you see a fresh thing around your bedroom, it is nice, right? By great starter of your day, it can be an important starter of your success. There are many options of applying orange accents in your bedroom. Let’s do it right now!
If you like something modern, simple but cool, white is the best color combination for the orange. It will make the orange looks really fresh and visible.

Just paint the room white. Start from the wall and continue to the ceiling. Let it really white without other color combination. There will be the space where you will work with orange. The floor can be very interesting with white and orange. Get the wonderful orange and white patterned flooring. Look! It makes the room not too monotonous. Fill it with orange and white furniture.

Present charming orange accessories to beautify it. A white bed that is completed with an orange bed sheet is a good choice for you. Lose the boring nuance by installing orange patterned headboard. Two orange wall lamps on the both sides of the headboard can illuminate your sleeping activity. Don’t forget to choose the orange curtains to cover the glass windows.

In front of the windows, you may have storage. A simple night stand in the color of woods with some decoration or accessories on the top gives you more than just storage for storing your stuff. Get other décor to add the coolness of the bedroom. An orange pumpkin puff is one you can choose for your bedroom. Enjoy there!

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