8 Cool Warm Bedroom Design in Old-School Style by Maura Taft

Having a comfortable room is a must for you. It is a way to make you feel cozy of resting. To achieve that aim, you have to design your bedroom perfectly. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The most important is you must take the cool and amazing. Even, minimalist style can be your choice.

If you are not sure with your ability, you can grab from the internet. On the other hand, bedroom design by Maura Taft can help you in achieving your aim of getting great bedroom. The use of warm colors can make your bedroom great and friendly. Support it with the furniture selection and lighting. They can be an amazing combination in your bedroom where you spend your time.

Warm and friendly impression can be presented through the calm color. Play with the variety of brown, starts from the lightest to the darkest one. You can begin from the wall. Paint it cream. Do the same thing to the ceiling. Presenting brown molding can make it more interesting.

Cover the glass windows with light brown curtains. Combine them with stylish flower short curtains on the upper part. Have an amazing beige bed with some shabby green sheet. The unique headboard can add the coolness of the bed. Put golden high table lamps on the both sides of the bed. A black floor lamp near the window can be a good alternative to get lighting.

Don’t forget to present dresser or other storage to store your stuffs. Not far from the bed, a long shiny dark brown puff spoil you after work. Lay down your back and relax. Step your feet comfortably and warmly by the existence of a rug. Decorate the boring wall with some luxurious and antique paintings. Frank them with golden frames. It would be really amazing.

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