36 Extraordinary Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

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Do you have a dream of presenting a cheerful cool bathroom? Do you want to make it one of favourite places? It is simple. Bohemian style will help you much. You will not be disappointed of it. The application of bright colors makes the room cheerful.

Many colors that are used together there also support it. Those bright colors are not only applied on the room but also the furniture and accessories that beautify the bathroom.

Bring some textures to make it more interesting and not too boring. Where should you start the work? On the wall of the bedroom as it has a big contribution to the room. Make it fresh by installing pink wall with wonderful patterns.

The pictures of puppets really make the bedroom different. Get some interesting tiles to do that. If you apply dry bathroom, it will make you easier to get your wants. Just buy the cheerful wall paper and you can install it on the wall. Try to have different look between each wall side.

When the room is designed, it is time for getting the best furniture for it. A cool bathtub with silver legs full of carvings can be placed on the brown flooring that give a wood’s impression. Spread a brown patterned rug. The patterns that are also combined with yellow add the fresh of it. Have a separated glass shower cabin. Cover it with charming curtains. It will be a nice thing.

Go on to the other thing in the room. It will be excellent when you are combining the bohemian bathroom with rustic feel. Get the rustic from the traditional pendant lamp near the bathtub. Add some chic accessories to beautify it more and more. It is also smart to work with greenery. Take some green potted plants and place in your bathroom. Arrange them beautifully.

14 Cool Ensuite Bathroom Designs

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The need of a comfortable place to rest must be fulfilled in your house. Build a wonderful bedroom. Complete it with a cool ensuite bathroom to make you more enjoy there. The wonderful and cool ensuite bathroom can bring warmth and comfort to the room. This is which will make your time of resting more useful.

Are you an antique lover? If so, designing the bedroom and bathroom in rustic impression is a good thing. You have many choices to make your both private rooms be what you expect.

Build two rooms in an open space. Let the bedroom and also the bathroom almost blend to be one. This will give a spacious impression to your room. Just separate the two rooms by short wall which is built in the middle for the room.

The rustic feel can be presented through the component that forms the room. Wooden flooring that is let on the color of the wood without any paint is the first thing you can work with, to get more rustic nuance. The bathroom wall that are installed or covered by paint with wooden look can add the dramatic of rustic feel there. Get the brown wall and add stripes to lose the boring of the brown.

Paint the wall which forms the bedroom white. White is more neutral and it supports the rustic impression you have applied before. Then, the ceiling of the room can be constructed by woods. Arrange them traditionally and color it white. For about the furniture you should place in the rooms, it is better to use ones which can make your room looks more rustic.

You can start by using wooden cabinetry as the storage in the bathroom. Combine it with other white appliances. The furniture in the bedroom can be chosen which is white or brown with wooden materials. Arrange them in the bedroom. Use rustic accessories and décor to perfect the rooms. Enjoy sleeping and get your spirit back in the ensuite bathroom.

44 Brilliant Marble Bathroom Designs

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One of important space in our house is a bathroom. It is one of private rooms we have. There, we can do what others are not allowed to know and we often visit. We have many things to do there. This is the reason why everyone wants to design it beautifully. It is not only which can gives a comfort but also the cool look into the bathroom. This is really necessary as you will spend a lot of time there especially for bathing.

Even girls, you will need more than fifteen minutes even thirty minutes to be there. To design a bathroom that has a charming look, you can use marble as the main material. Pair it with the right combination; you will get more than what you expect.

When you step your feet on, you will feel the greatness of it by installing statuary marble tiles. Get the light grey with black patterns. This will look cool. Everything which is placed on the floor will look more awesome. Get the marble mosaics and install it in the double shower. Combine it with white cabinets in custom style.

The cabinet will be really cooler with the traditional details. This makes the space more interesting. Install some mirrors and let them to be one with the custom cabinets. Place pink flowers with green leaves in the corner of the cabinets. Look! It is charming.

Complete the custom cabinets with a white sink. Build a concrete bathtub and cover the inside of the bathtub with the marble as the shower. Use a silver shower and shake its space with pink flowers and green potted plants. Laying down there and get your fresh body.

Keep the charming marble bathroom cool buy choosing bright lighting. A luxurious chandelier with bright lighting can make the bathroom cooler and looks luxurious. Spend your rest time after work by lying down in the bathtub, relax, and forget any problems in your life for a moment.

13 Fantastic Bathroom for a Small Apartment

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Having a small apartment is something not nice. This makes you feel uncomfortable to do all the activity there. You have to be smart to consider everything you use and apply in the apartment, including the bathroom. When you want to build it, think everything you are going to use. As a place where you often visit it, it must be cozy and wonderful. Feel the comfort of the bathroom and see the greatness of it.

Don’t put furniture and accessories that makes your bathroom looks messy. Keep it simple is the best way to make the bathroom comfortable. Grab the ideas from the Japanese designers. They have an idea of having a flat more comfortable and more practical. Here, you will know a product by Japanese company Spiritual Mode that produces many different bathtubs.

Japanese company Spiritual Mode that has many styles of bathtubs gives you choice to get the best for your bathroom. One of its products is named Subaco. This is a perfect solution for your small bathroom. By this, you can support a tub, toilet, sink, and a laundry in the bathroom. This will give you a comfortable feel. Choose the white products. This will help you in creating a cool modern bathroom.

The white also brings the spacious impression to the small apartment. Keep the wall and also the floor white in white, too. Choose white tiles to cover the wall and the floor. It will keep the wall and also the floor more durable from the water use. The Subaco has many versions. That differs by composition and interior finish.

Keep the bathroom simple and minimalist. Use bright lighting that is got from the ceiling lamps to illuminate the bathroom. Arrange the stuffs in the bathroom orderly to make it be more comfortable.

21 Awesome INAX Small Bathroom Designs

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If you have a small bathroom, it will be a matter anymore. There are many ideas and designs that help you in creating a comfortable small bathroom, even an outstanding small bathroom. So, don’t worry of having a small house. Everything has a solution and can be overcome.

Besides, there are a lot of companies which provide cool furniture for a small bathroom. And it is not just cozy furniture that fulfils your needs; by the shapes and the styles make your small bathroom seems more spacious than the real one.

In Japan, there are some companies that help everyone who has small bathroom and you can choose it. If you know TOTO is one of company that has speciality in small bathroom layouts, there is another company you can make it as a reference. That’s INAX. It has products that are as good as the TOTO.

As a company that is works in small bathroom layouts, INAX has some products for your bathroom. In creating a spacious impression in your bathroom, it is better for you to combine the tub and shower. It means that the whole floor can soak water. When you install the shower, it will be really nice to have a rain shower.

Imagine! After doing the tiring activities in the office then you lay on your body in the bathtub and the shower water you. It is relaxing, isn’t it? The floor is designed in warm. With the mirror that has same theme as the floor, your bathroom can be really cool.

The storage can be used in the bathroom with a black bowl sink on. Just get a simple bathroom cabinet. Next to it, you may place a toilet. You don’t need complicated things. Simple but cool is better for a small bathroom. It gives you space to move on. Consider everything in a small bathroom well, get the other ideas to perfect the INAX small Bathroom layouts.