20 Wonderful Gothic Bathroom Designs

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Gothic is a very great feel you can present in your bathroom. It is not very familiar indeed for your bathroom. But it can be a wonderful place to spend your time after the busy day. Get a sensation of bathing there. That would be really unusual. The gothic feel can be presented through the black color. You may also combine the black with purple and red.

The dark purple and red touches can give a calmer impression to the bathroom. They will decrease the darkness of the bathroom which is caused by the black color. Take two sides of the bathroom walls and apply the black there. Other sides of the bathroom walls can be used to apply the dark purple. The dark purple absorbs the black so it is not too dark. It looks a bit charming, too.

Creating a gothic bathroom with a bit gloomy or spooky is what you should present in the bathroom. You can apply it through the furniture and appliance you use. You can start it by using gloomy gold bathtub. Yet, you may also use a stone bathtub. It is very suitable for your gothic bathroom. Complete it with a gold faucet.

Your towel can be also hung in the gloomy gold hanger. On the other side, a mirror with gloomy gold frames is good for your bathroom. Install dim lighting around the mirror. That lighting can be got from the unique wall lamps. Get two or three wall lamps.

Another thing you can put in the bathroom is a sink. The black sink with gloomy impression can be installed under the mirror. In the corner of the bathroom can be looks dramatic with some dim lighting. Get the lamps with spooky feel. When you build a gothic bathroom, the black wall should be supported by black marble flooring and black ceiling.

10 Cool Pixilated Bathroom Ideas with Custom Mosaic Tile

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Tile always gives a very beautiful look. There are many colors and also styles of tiles that will be able to create an amazing bathroom. The variety of tile pattern also helps you in creating an amazing pixilated bathroom. Get the best tile patterns. Then combine more than one kind of pattern. Think creative and sensitive. Arrange them beautifully. Adjust them with the theme of your bathroom. Adjusting with the furniture is also what you should do. This will support everything you apply in the room.

The wall is the first thing you can use to achieve your aim. Design the walls pixilated. You can use black and white mosaic tiles to do that. Arrange them beautifully. Work with your creative mind and imagination to make it really outstanding. Look! The wall will create an artwork. When the wall is already finished, you can continue to the floor.

Create a beautiful mosaic tile there too. It is better for you to apply the same tile as you do on the wall. Lose the monotonous feel in the bathroom by presenting the different style of the mosaic on the floor. To keep the harmony of the bathroom, let the ceiling white. Move the canvas to color the entire ceiling white.

Build the shower with black wall. You can get an inspiration from a photo of a Frech staircase. It is used words on the risers. This is cool, right? Think about the furniture and appliances now. Choose white or black furniture or appliances. A white bathtub will look cool on the black and white floor. The black bathroom cabinets are a good combination.

Install the shiny ones for stunning look. Hang luxurious wall lamps to illuminate the greatness of the pixilited wall. Use chandelier in the middle of the bathroom to add the brightness. Green potted plants around the bathroom are very suitable to make it always looks fresh. Relax and get your spirit back there.

36 Wonderful Purple Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Getting your body fresh is what you do every day. Feel comfort and nice being there is what you want. So, choose bathroom according to what you like is your dream. Who you love purple, of course you will have purple bathroom. So, here is the choice. Not only purple bathroom which can gives monotonous nuance, but you can add an impression magic to your bathroom. It will make your bathroom unique and unusual.

Magic nuance can be produced by dark color. As color selection has an important role in home designs. So, first let’s play with colors. For your dry area, paint your wall with wood color and take a small part to be painted by light brown. On the light brown space, put some shiny purple wall cabinets.

Arrange the cabinets in the middle. Add two circle glasses on the other side and illuminate them with wall lights. To make that part more interesting, put a violet urn and white urn in the corner. Then, where a sink exists, the wood color wall could be combined with violet cabinets under the sink. By choosing a gold sink, your purple bathroom looks deluxe. Pair it with a wall mirror which wrapped by violet frame.

Beside the gold sink, you can give a bulb forecaster. With a bulb forecaster, the magic nuance in your bathroom. Then place a violet modern bath up in the wet area. Adding a gold shower is a great way to give the impression of luxury. To spoil you while bathing, use wall lamps over the bath up.

Don’t forget to distinguish the wet area and dry area. Coloring a wet area with light brown is able to expand your view. On the other way, you can add a glass barrier. Then, perfect your purple bathroom a nature nuance. Putting a plant pot is the way. So, now your bathroom gives you a magic spirit after bathing.

36 Extraordinary Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

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Do you have a dream of presenting a cheerful cool bathroom? Do you want to make it one of favourite places? It is simple. Bohemian style will help you much. You will not be disappointed of it. The application of bright colors makes the room cheerful.

Many colors that are used together there also support it. Those bright colors are not only applied on the room but also the furniture and accessories that beautify the bathroom.

Bring some textures to make it more interesting and not too boring. Where should you start the work? On the wall of the bedroom as it has a big contribution to the room. Make it fresh by installing pink wall with wonderful patterns.

The pictures of puppets really make the bedroom different. Get some interesting tiles to do that. If you apply dry bathroom, it will make you easier to get your wants. Just buy the cheerful wall paper and you can install it on the wall. Try to have different look between each wall side.

When the room is designed, it is time for getting the best furniture for it. A cool bathtub with silver legs full of carvings can be placed on the brown flooring that give a wood’s impression. Spread a brown patterned rug. The patterns that are also combined with yellow add the fresh of it. Have a separated glass shower cabin. Cover it with charming curtains. It will be a nice thing.

Go on to the other thing in the room. It will be excellent when you are combining the bohemian bathroom with rustic feel. Get the rustic from the traditional pendant lamp near the bathtub. Add some chic accessories to beautify it more and more. It is also smart to work with greenery. Take some green potted plants and place in your bathroom. Arrange them beautifully.

44 Brilliant Marble Bathroom Designs

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One of important space in our house is a bathroom. It is one of private rooms we have. There, we can do what others are not allowed to know and we often visit. We have many things to do there. This is the reason why everyone wants to design it beautifully. It is not only which can gives a comfort but also the cool look into the bathroom. This is really necessary as you will spend a lot of time there especially for bathing.

Even girls, you will need more than fifteen minutes even thirty minutes to be there. To design a bathroom that has a charming look, you can use marble as the main material. Pair it with the right combination; you will get more than what you expect.

When you step your feet on, you will feel the greatness of it by installing statuary marble tiles. Get the light grey with black patterns. This will look cool. Everything which is placed on the floor will look more awesome. Get the marble mosaics and install it in the double shower. Combine it with white cabinets in custom style.

The cabinet will be really cooler with the traditional details. This makes the space more interesting. Install some mirrors and let them to be one with the custom cabinets. Place pink flowers with green leaves in the corner of the cabinets. Look! It is charming.

Complete the custom cabinets with a white sink. Build a concrete bathtub and cover the inside of the bathtub with the marble as the shower. Use a silver shower and shake its space with pink flowers and green potted plants. Laying down there and get your fresh body.

Keep the charming marble bathroom cool buy choosing bright lighting. A luxurious chandelier with bright lighting can make the bathroom cooler and looks luxurious. Spend your rest time after work by lying down in the bathtub, relax, and forget any problems in your life for a moment.