31 Amazing Minimalist Dining Rooms and Spaces

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If we talk about design, it will never miss of our house. There are some rooms in our house and all of them must be designed greatly including the space where you enjoy your meals. Design your dining room as cozy as possible. Grab the most wonderful ideas and apply into your dining room.

Do you want to make your dining room trendy and cool? Apply the minimalism. It will be really suitable for any space including your dining room. To start designing your dining space project, you can choose the best color. Minimalism will apply black, grey and white. For sometimes, bright accents can be inserted among them if you like.

When using black and white, think the best application. Make your dining space very artistic and unusual. The white wall can be the first thing you can do. It will be very boring when you let it without any combination.

So, a bit of space over the window can be painted black. The dining space that blends to be one with the kitchen can be designed in the same theme. Keep the kitchen clean by installing black backsplash. This way also adds the interest of the room. Then, you can continue applying the black on the ceiling.

Let the flooring in grey. Next, you will also need to think about the furniture. There are many options of furniture you can use. A simple black table can be combined with some white chairs on its sides. Give a great touch by placing a brown wooden vase on the table.

Freshen it up using some stems of red roses. Put them into the wooden vase. On the other spot or corner, you may also put a white and green potted plant. Simply for the lighting, two modern black pendant lamps can be hung over the table. Have a nice dining space, get a great appetite!

28 Awesome Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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Decorating a room in your house is one of good ways to make the room more interesting. The comfort of a room is not enough; a room should be very inviting so that everyone there feels happy being there. The room which should be decorated is not only your living room or your bedroom.

A dining room also must be interesting. You will more enjoy the meals when your dining room is cozy and also beautiful. Grab the awesome dining room decorating ideas to help you working with your project. Apply them one by one to the room and get a great result.

Let’s know what you can do to decorate your dining room. The first of the awesome dining room decorating ideas is by using the wall. A wall is a right way to make a room interesting. Use some paintings or photo frames there. Hang them on the wall in order. It is also possible to add a big mirror between the photo frames or paintings. Another idea which you can apply on the wall is by making a creation.

A big photo frame without glass on the surface is the way. Take woods from used wooden furniture in your warehouse. Smooth them and present beautiful curves on its edge. Don’t forget to paint it and you can glue some photos there. Frank it with wall lamps. It will be very dramatic.

Once you have used the wall, continue the ideas by making a beautiful dining table. To keep it clean, it is better for you to cover it with glass. Spread a table cloth to make it alive before placing the glass. Decorate it with a glass candle and a flower vase. Take the most charming one to get an amazing look.

End your project by applying the last of awesome dining room decorating ideas. That’s by hanging double decorative glass pendant lamps over the dining table. Get a cool look, get a great dinner.

24 Cool Geometric Décor Ideas for Modern Dining Space

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Design your dining room uniquely. Make it cool and cozy to make you happy being in the room. Do you belong to people who like modern and trendy things? If so, geometry will help you achieving your aim. It is extremely trendy. Now days, it is common everywhere. You can see it. So, let’s apply the trendy into your dining room. To get it, you can start from the wall and other things that shape your dining room.

You can paint the wall light grey. Add some cool wall decals there. You can play with grey and soft pink for it. They will be really amazing. Let the floor in light grey or white. Just do the same thing to the ceiling. Light grey and white tends to cool, modern and neutral.

Other things should be thought is the furniture? Do we have to use geometric-shaped furniture? Yes, of course. It will help you supporting the geometric of the wall. First of all, make the table become a focusing point. Choose a simple square table. You can place it attached on the wall. On the both sides, white geo chairs will complete the existence of the table.

To get a cozy seat, pads are the way. Then, present a round table in soft blue. Two colourful patterned cushions can be put on the chairs. Shake the white dining table with geometric art pieces. You can get white urns, flower vase and other accessories. Arrange them beautifully on the table.

Buy a geometric lamp and you can hang it over the table. Keep the harmony of the dining room by getting the white lamp. End your project of decorating your dining space with a geometric rug. Perfect it with some décor you make by yourself. This will be really cheap and valuable.

29 Colorful Dining Room Colors

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Hold the effective ways to make rooms in your house interesting. One of them is through colors. A color has an important and a big role in determining the beauty of a room. It is a good way to achieve a wonderful room as you want.

One of rooms in your house which should be designed is a dining room. Apply colorful dining room colors on the room and the furniture and the things in your dining room. Your dining room will be very cheerful. You will be able to enjoy the meals there.

Present cheerful nuance by applying the white as the first way of applying colourful dining room colors. Apply it on the ceiling. White will make your room looks more spacious and elegant. Paint one side of the walls with blue.

Take the soft blue and start coloring the wall with it. Lose the monotonous blue wall by hanging a painting. Take it with a gold frame. Color the other side of the walls with soft light green. Combine it with the same color on the shelves. Then, make the colors on the wall more stunning by combining those with wooden floor. The wooden floor will also bring warmth to the room.

Use one more kind of seats. Pink pattern chair with simple sofa is a good combination for your dining room. Place the pink sofa attached on the blue wall. Put a yellow table with glass in front of the sofa. Add two chairs in opposite side of the sofa. Then, a white chair on the other both sides of the table is a good way.

Freshen up the table with double green pot plants. Look! The yellow dining table is very cool with the green plants. Do you want to make the dining room more inviting? Do it with a glass blue pendant lamp. Hang it over the dining table. It is cool. Once you have finished working with colourful dining room colors, you will get a cheerful dining room. Happy eating there!

26 Terrific Coastal Dining Rooms and Zones

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Are you trying to get a relaxing dining room that is not only for enjoying food? Do you want to grab the best ideas for that? Don’t worry. It is a simple way to make your dream comes true. You just need to apply the beach nuance to your dining room. It is not a hard way.

You have many choices in achieving the aim. One of important thing should be consider in about the dominant color in the zone. This is not only on the items that form the room, but also on the furniture selection.

So, think about everything you will work with perfectly. Don’t let small thing break the situation you have constructed. The colors that you often meet on the beach are aqua, blue, turquoise, grey and white. You may work with those colors in the room. Other colors that can stimulate brain activity are also welcome to be used there.

Start painting the wall and the ceiling aqua. Make it more interesting with a bit light blue on the molding. You need also lose the monotonous aqua wall with a mirror that is framed using seashells. On the other sides, some other accessories that made of sea horses, corals, or other sea creature can be a good choice to get more sea feel.

Choose cool furniture for you there. You can start by using a wooden dining table with the wood color. Spread light blue table clothes. Add some glass vases with white flowers and green leaves in them. It is fresh, right? Complete it with wicker chairs that are completed with dark blue pads. Use the eating tools that support the atmosphere of beach around.

Bring warmth among the beach nuance is a good way. Install wooden flooring. You can add its beauty with a cool rug. Hang a golden chandelier with many pearl. That is amazing, right?