15 Mesmerizing Luxury Closet Designs

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Store your clothes in a right place. Don’t let them fulfill your bedroom of make the room messy. You can do that by presenting a closet in your house. It will help you much not only keeping the clothes and other accessories you have but it will also make you easy to find them out when you want to wear it.

A classic luxury closet can be your choice. Design it wonderful as well. Grab the best design and ideas to finish your project. You will get a great closet you have never imagined it before.

The cream will dominate the classic luxury closet. The wall of the closet will be painted with cream. The floor is also covered with a cream rug. It is to bring warmth to the room. Yet, it is also possible to install wooden flooring. If you like to use wooden floor, choose the cream or the bright one. Get a classic nuance by using cream cupboards. The cupboards that are floated on the wall can be used to put your clothes. They will fill the space the right and the left side of the door.

Let the space in front of the door without cupboards. Choose cupboards with glass doors. They will reflect the things in front of them and make the room more spacious. Continue your way to design the inside of the room. Build glass windows there. Let the sunlight comes to the closet and light it in the day. Make it more interesting with classic curtain. P

lace a short dresser with many drawers. Keep your accessories there. Add classic table lamps on the dresser and a charming flower vase between them. It has a classic beauty, right? When you have to decide what clothes you want to wear, maybe you will need time. Do that on a classic bench in the middle of the closet.

Get more luxurious feel by hanging a decorative classic chandelier over the bench. Turn it on and your classic luxury closet will be more grateful.

30 Great Small Walk in Closet Ideas

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Store all your clothes, sandals, shoes, and accessories in the right place! Take a small space on your house and build a closet. Design the closet well. Grab the great ideas for it. It can be an interesting closet you have ever known. Being there to find the best clothes for your great day will be enjoyed. You will feel happy there. Don’t forget to apply great small walk in closet ideas to make your comfortable table. You will be free to move from one place to another in the closet.

To create great small walk in the closet, you should know how to design and organize your closet. It will be very important to make the nice wall. Just start by placing all cupboards attached on the wall. Use hangers and shelves for your clothes. On the other sides, the opening shelves for your sandals and shoes are a good choice.

Keep the coats, jackets, and gowns in the hangers and the folded clothes in the closed wardrobe. Let the middle of the closet black. It is a place to move on. Yet, if your closet is not too small, simple cabinets with cool tops in the middle of the closet is a good way.

The space around the cabinets can be great small walk in closet ideas. Make your feet sure to step on by installing carpet or rug. Spread it throughout the closet. Step comfortably and warmly there. Get a sensation of walking on the small walk in the closet with wonderful lighting.

The awesome lighting on the ceiling will illuminate your activity of finding a dress or costume more comfortable. The lighting from those lams will light the luxurious red and white ceiling and give a wonderful reflection. Design the other things in the closet and get a cool closet for you.

Enjoy stepping on the great small walk in closet ideas you are applying into the closet. Find the best costume comfortable and get your great day.

17 Stunning IKEA Coffee Table Designs

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You have many guests to be welcomed? Have a great living room is a must for you so. A great living room is not only determined by the good combination color there and the expensive furniture, but it is also determined by the use of furniture with good quality. One of furniture must be in your living room is a table. And IKEA coffee table can be a choice to make your living more interesting and charming.

Applying IKEA coffee table in your living room should be adjusted with the other things there; what themes you want apply in your living room, what nuance you want to get there are really important to know. For the example, a white charming square IKEA coffee table will be appropriate with a neutral living room. It can be placed in the middle and surrounded by black sofa which completed by some cushions.

Make the cushions as the point on your sofa by choosing red, white, dark blue cushions. The white square IKEA coffee table can look fresh with a yellow flower vase and lack ashtray. It can be more elegant with a brown rug that spread under it. Another charming coffee table is able to be applied in the neutral living room with wood flooring and white wall. Two white sofas that flank a small glass coffee table would be a great combination. Raise the nuance of fresh by putting a glass sofa with fresh leaves on it.

If you like something unique in your living room, using black round table can be a good way. Put it in the middle of the room and pairs with a brown white sofa. Create the coffee table look more alive with pink color of the flower on it. Many ways to welcome your guests and many charming IKEA coffee tables can be used to serve the guests snacks. Make your guests enjoy the snack with charming coffee table in your living room.

45 Amazing DIY Bookshelf Design Ideas

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Are you a bookworm? If so, having many books is happiness for you. Yet, sometimes your books collection makes you’re your room awful because there is no space more to keep. You need to get other book shelves, moreover for you who don’t have any book shelves. By presenting a bookshelf there will be a good way to take.

There you can sore your school books, novels, comics, or other collection you have. In presenting a bookshelf, you can work with your catch a great bookshelf idea and make it by your shelf. Why you need to create by yourself? Because it will be like what we want and we wish. You don’t need to visit the furniture store to get it. A DIY bookshelf can also give a different and unique sense to the room.

If your school activity or your job takes much time of yours, you can create a DIY bookshelf on the weekend. Try to make a simple shelf but amazing. Here some ways for your bookshelf ideas. First, you can have box shelves. It’s easy to make and also cheap. You can use boards in your warehouse which are not used anymore. Pick them up form to be boxes.

To give the art of the shelf, don’t make the boxes in the same size. Let them in different size. So, there will be small and big boxes. Install them sideways and upwards in accordance to what you like. The installation which is not too irregular will give a value of art for your space. Another way you can do is by floating them on the wall. Don’t forget to paint it.

If you want make them as the point in the room, you can choose bright colorful paint, such orange, yellow, pink, blue, fresh green, or other bright colors. Not only as the point of the room, but it also can burn your spirit up. Combine the colors with white on the edge shelves. In addition you may put small plant pots on the top. Your DIY bookshelf is cooler and nicer that you can buy in the store. Last, you may store all of your collection there.

15 Amazing DIY Shoe Rack

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Do your shoes make your room messy? Do they really break the tidiness of the room? You need storage for them. A shoes rack is one of the kinds of storage that you can use to solve the problem. You don’t need to buy it in the store. Creating a DIY shoe rack yourself will give you more satisfaction. Besides, you will also be able to save your budget for other needs. Use your ability to finish your project.

You can begin your project by choosing the best materials for the DIY shoe rack. You don’t have to get the materials from the stores. Use the used wooden furniture in the warehouse as the materials. Take the good ones. Cut them into some pieces with a size you need for the rack. When it has done, continue your way by painting them.

Black is one of neutral colors which you can apply on them. It is suitable for any rooms. If you have a white wall, the black DIY shoe rack you make looks cool on the wall.

Then, you can install the pieces on the wall. You don’t need a back of the rack. Let the pieces form a shoe rack on the wall. Just float them there using glue. Adjust with your needs and your room. Some rows rack can help you keep the collection of your shoes.

Arrange your shoes in order. You can put them based on the color or the function. It will make you easy to get when you want to wear a pair of them. If you have colorful shoes, separate them according to the colors. They will give a nice look in the room.

Always keep the cleanness of the DIY shoe rack. Keep the mosquito or other insects away from that place by hanging a room fragrance there. Happy finding your shoes easily there!