How to Reupholster a Chair

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You always have an opportunity to write a new page in the story of your life. You have many things can be told there. Make the story of your life really inspiring with great creation you made. Create useful things to fulfil your needs and other needs.

You’ll never forget your achievement. One you can do is by creating something new in your house. The old chairs in your house can be new chairs by reupholstering it. When you listen to, maybe you’ll raise a question. How to reupholster a chair? Know here.

The first way on how to reupholster a chair is gathering materials. Then, start by turning the chair upside down and remove the screws on chair frame.

Tear off the old fabric with a plier. Pry out the staples with a small screwdriver. If the seat is made from particleboard, you might find that it’s warped, crumbling or even broken. Making a new seat is easy. Lay the old seat on a piece of 1/2-in. plywood, trace around it and cut a new seat with a jigsaw. When it is finished, cut the foam, batting, and fabric. Cut the foam to size with a scissors.

Take the wood seat outside and give the topside a light coat of spray adhesive. Position the seat carefully when you set it on the foam; the adhesive grabs instantly and you may not be able to pull it off. Cut the batting and fabric, stretch the batting slightly as you staple it into place, and staple the fabric at the middle of all four sides and flip the seat over to make sure the pattern is centred.

Tug the fabric toward the corners as you staple the first side. Go to the opposite side and stretch the fabric across the seat. Repeat this process for the other two sides. If your seat has rounded corners, you can wrap them so that no folds or creases are visible from above.

Then if seat has square corners, crease and fold the fabric as you would when you gift-wrap a box. It’s helpful to trim away excess fabric as you work on corners. Before you screw the seat onto the chair, consider treating the fabric with a stain repellent if it wasn’t treated at the factory. Have you understood how to reupholster a chair? Do it at home.

14 Interesting DIY Tables Design Ideas

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Every space in your home will be more perfect with the existence of a table. Where, you can serve food and beverages for family and guests over there. Presenting a nice table can add the beauty and comfortable of rooms in your home. There are many types of tables that you can buy in stores, but making by your own will be more interesting and to give more satisfaction to you. You also can show your own works through DIY table in any room in your home. You can make it at the weekend.

Well, there are many styles of tables you can try to make on your weekend. One of them is a coffee table. You can use oak wood to make it. Choose a timber that is old to get a natural dark color. Arrange the wooden planks by giving a distance between them. Besides, add the wheels on each leg of the table. It will make you easy to move it. If you like to get more natural sense of the table, you may let it with the original color from the wood. Then, your wooden DIY table can be avoided from drinks that spilled through a glass which pun on the table. Measure the large of glass in accordance with the large of table.

Beautify your table with a glass vase and green plants. You room will not only look natural but also fresh. Next, another idea of making a table is by using tree trunks that still has not processed. The trunk has a diameter of approximately 5 cm will produce a table that is unique and unusual. You simply cut to a length of 30 cm and get 70 pieces to create a table. But if you want a bigger table you can add amount of cuts.

After that, fasten the timber into a rectangular shape. If you do not want to tie it, you can directly paste it on a board. To make you easy to move it, you can add the wheels on the board. You can also add glass to enhance your table. Last, if you like to have unique and unusual DIY table, you can let it unfinished and have color as the origin color of the wood. Work with your creative thought to get interesting tables.

15 Mesmerizing Luxury Closet Designs

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Store your clothes in a right place. Don’t let them fulfill your bedroom of make the room messy. You can do that by presenting a closet in your house. It will help you much not only keeping the clothes and other accessories you have but it will also make you easy to find them out when you want to wear it.

A classic luxury closet can be your choice. Design it wonderful as well. Grab the best design and ideas to finish your project. You will get a great closet you have never imagined it before.

The cream will dominate the classic luxury closet. The wall of the closet will be painted with cream. The floor is also covered with a cream rug. It is to bring warmth to the room. Yet, it is also possible to install wooden flooring. If you like to use wooden floor, choose the cream or the bright one. Get a classic nuance by using cream cupboards. The cupboards that are floated on the wall can be used to put your clothes. They will fill the space the right and the left side of the door.

Let the space in front of the door without cupboards. Choose cupboards with glass doors. They will reflect the things in front of them and make the room more spacious. Continue your way to design the inside of the room. Build glass windows there. Let the sunlight comes to the closet and light it in the day. Make it more interesting with classic curtain. P

lace a short dresser with many drawers. Keep your accessories there. Add classic table lamps on the dresser and a charming flower vase between them. It has a classic beauty, right? When you have to decide what clothes you want to wear, maybe you will need time. Do that on a classic bench in the middle of the closet.

Get more luxurious feel by hanging a decorative classic chandelier over the bench. Turn it on and your classic luxury closet will be more grateful.

17 Stunning IKEA Coffee Table Designs

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You have many guests to be welcomed? Have a great living room is a must for you so. A great living room is not only determined by the good combination color there and the expensive furniture, but it is also determined by the use of furniture with good quality. One of furniture must be in your living room is a table. And IKEA coffee table can be a choice to make your living more interesting and charming.

Applying IKEA coffee table in your living room should be adjusted with the other things there; what themes you want apply in your living room, what nuance you want to get there are really important to know. For the example, a white charming square IKEA coffee table will be appropriate with a neutral living room. It can be placed in the middle and surrounded by black sofa which completed by some cushions.

Make the cushions as the point on your sofa by choosing red, white, dark blue cushions. The white square IKEA coffee table can look fresh with a yellow flower vase and lack ashtray. It can be more elegant with a brown rug that spread under it. Another charming coffee table is able to be applied in the neutral living room with wood flooring and white wall. Two white sofas that flank a small glass coffee table would be a great combination. Raise the nuance of fresh by putting a glass sofa with fresh leaves on it.

If you like something unique in your living room, using black round table can be a good way. Put it in the middle of the room and pairs with a brown white sofa. Create the coffee table look more alive with pink color of the flower on it. Many ways to welcome your guests and many charming IKEA coffee tables can be used to serve the guests snacks. Make your guests enjoy the snack with charming coffee table in your living room.

10 Astounding Painting Laminate Cabinets

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Beauty your kitchen by painting laminate cabinets you are installing in the kitchen. Choose the best color for them. They are one of many things which can be used to add the beauty of the room. They are also a good way to get a theme as you want. Before you work with the project, you should check the condition of the cabinets. It is very important to get a perfect result.

When you have ready to start doing the project, you can begin by removing all visible hardware from the cabinets, including knobs and pulls. Then, cover any un-removable hardware with painter’s tape. Clean all laminate surfaces thoroughly with a de-greaser, such as tri-sodium phosphate.

Once clean, rinse all surfaces thoroughly with fresh water and allow the laminate to dry completely before proceeding. Then, sand all laminate surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper. When it is done, clean all of the dust away by first vacuuming the surfaces and then wiping them with a clean, damp cloth.

Continue painting laminate cabinets by applying a specifically formulated laminate primer per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can purchase an appropriate primer at most hardware stores. Allow the primer to dry completely. What’s next? Apply a latex or oil-based paint of your choice over the cured primer.

Oil-based paints provide a smoother finish and are easier to clean. They are the better choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Apply paint with a roller to avoid leaving brush strokes on the laminate surface. Next, your project is almost finished.

You just need to replace all hardware and hang the cabinet doors once the paint has fully dried. It is done. It is not hard, right? You are surely able to do that. Always remember to get best color for painting laminate cabinets. Once the cabinets are painted, your kitchen will be amazing.