19 Amazing Room Colors

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Are you looking for the great ideas to make your room interesting? You can do that by choosing amazing room colors. Color has an important role in beautifying and making a comfortable place. It can determine the mood of the room which of course influences your mood.

As a place where you start and finish your day, a room should give a good mood to you. And you can do that through the colors. The color selection is not only for the elements which form the room, but also the selection of the furniture and things you use there.

Start the amazing room colors by applying the neutral colors. You can use light grey. Apply it on the ceiling and on the walls. Yet, let two sides of the wall colored by fresh green. Use the side where the fresh green applied as the behind of the bed. Combine the fresh green wall with a yellow headboard.

Get a fresh feel by choosing the bright and fresh yellow. The yellow headboard can be really interesting with a grey bed. Complete it with a yellow blanket and green pillows. Cream pillows also can be used there. Look! The color combination on your bed is wonderful, isn’t it? Continue your way by choosing a cream dresser with green doors and hardware. Place it besides the bed.

Do you have to do your homework in your room? You can do that on a cream study desk and a chair. You can use one of yellow or green chairs. Get enough lighting while you are studying. Just place a study lamp on the desk. It is an alternative to get brighter lighting. The amazing room colors also can be shown through the yellow rug. The floor which contrasted by grey tiles are really cool with the yellow rug.

Are you a painter? Move your canvas to decorate the blank white wall. Paint a big green leave on the white wall. It will make the room colors more amazing. Enjoy your rest there!

34 Cool Painting Ideas

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Build a comfortable home for your life. Make you feel more than just comfortable but also happy living there. Catch the wonderful design and work with them to finish the project of building your house. Perfect it with cool painting ideas. Your home will be very interesting and everyone who visits it will love it. Where will you start and what can you do at home?

Begin the cool painting ideas by checking the condition of your home. You can start from the ceiling. It is a good thing to make your home more spacious. So, paint it white or it is also possible for you to choose cream as its color. Then, the wall is also painted with the same color as the ceiling. Present something different in your home through the floor. Dark shabby floor is the way.

Just buy the dark shabby green tiles or marbles and install them on the floor of the room. Step surely on it. Next, you can take a side of walls as the main point in the home. Paint it with abstract painting. Make a nuance of rustic or country environment. Use yellow as the base color. Move your canvas with soft green to draw leaves of trees.

Paint white flowers among them. When it has finished, you can continue the next idea by making it more dramatic. Place a floor lamp with yellow lighting in the corner. Turn it on and you will see an amazing wall painting. After that, painting the cupboards is one of the ideas which you should do.

Choose the dark shabby green as the floor. Combine the cool painting ideas with the things at home. Use a unique table and luxurious chairs with black pads. Hang an amazing gold pendant lamp over the table. Make it more perfect by placing a gold sculpture. It will be great.

Do you want to make your home fresh? Do it by putting green pot plants there. The green plants will support the cool painting ideas in creating a wonderful home! Try it out!

26 Cool Painted Wood Paneling Designs

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There are many things which you can do to build your house. You also have many options to make it more interesting. You can choose the best for your residence. Make sure that it will make you enjoy living there as you will live there for a long time in your life.

One you can do in building your house is by installing paneling. It is a good way to get an unusual look. You can make it has modern or rustic feel. That’s by painting it. The painted wood paneling will contribute to the beauty of your house. You just need to use the best color as the theme you want to apply there.

Decide the color you want to apply to the panel. The color selection of painted wood paneling is very important to determine the mood of the house. If you like something modern and elegant, you can play with grey and white. They will be a cool combination and bring modern impression to the room. Just apply the grey on the panel in your house. Let grey dominates the house. Just loosen the monotonous impression of grey panel by inserting a bit white there.

The white can be applied on the base molding and also the door frames and window frames. They will make your house look modern. To make the house more wonderful, you should combine the panel with other things in the house such as ceiling and floor. It is possible for you to get a more modern feel by painting the ceiling with white.

With some ceiling lamps there, the wood paneling will be more interesting. Bringing warmth to the modern house is also needed. You can do that by installing wooden flooring. Make it unusual with brown wooden floors and a bit black among them. Look! The floor makes the grey panels more alive.

If you like to make the painted wood paneling more interesting, you can decorate it. Some ways you can do like hanging a large painting, wall lamps, or other accessories you have. Work with your own imagination to make it perfect. Happy getting a wonderful house with painted wood paneling.

35 Cool Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

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Lion King Baby Shower Decorations can be one of the perfect ideas to make the party cheerful. It shows the cute jungle theme and gives the baby exiting experience. Lion king is usually applied to the baby boys shower party decoration. It is because this strong animal images the powerful character of the boys. Besides, the lion baby is really cute. It can be applied to many decorations in tis party.

If you are the parent and want to make the baby shower party with lion king, you can use it for the cake. Take the party cake with baby lion on it. Choose the cute baby lion so the cake impresses beautiful and calm. To show up the lion, white cake with orange or brown decoration is perfect. In this case, the cake is suggested in two or three floor; so it will look elegant but still cute and fun.

The lion also can be used as the room decoration. You can hang the welcoming banner with cute jungle theme. On the wall, you can place friendly lion picture. It will make the guests interested. The decoration with lion king theme is also great for the tableware. It is good idea you use the tableware as the point of decoration. It is because every guests use them. On the table, you can put the jars with jungle animals in the jars. Therefore, when your guests enjoy the meal, they feel like in the real jungle. If you need more touch, you can also put small tropical plants.

For baby girls, you can apply the lion king theme as the Baby Shower Themes for a Girl. In this case, you can combine the lion with cute color like white, pink, green or yellow. Those colors will be appropriate for table decorations or as accessories. You can place the miniature of the gorillas, elephant and giraffe to create fun ambience in the baby shower party. Choose the fresh flowers to show the girly character.

Do not forget about the gifts. There are many ideas of Good Baby Shower Gifts that you can use. The first idea is baby toiletries. It is perfect gift of the babies because they will use it. Choose the cute theme of the toiletries to give fun and charming impression. Lion king doll may be the other idea of the baby gift, especially for baby boys. It can be cute toy for them. For the size, you can choose the appropriate size for the babies. Medium and big size of the doll can be the perfect one.

15 Amazing Studio Apartment Ideas

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Applying amazing studio apartment ideas to your residence can make your dream of having a nice place to live come true. The ideas will create a not large space to be a comfortable place. As it is not too large, he color selection is very important.

Choose colors that give a spacious impression. Don’t color your apartment with dark colors that tend make the room more crowded. You can use the dark colors just for the combination to lose the monotonous feel.

Let’s design your studio apartment beautifully. Start by dividing the room. As you don’t only need a place for sleeping, but also a space for eating, cooking, welcoming your guests, and other activity, you need to separate each space based on the function. It doesn’t mean that you will need many dividers.

You just need a divider because many dividers will make your apartment crowded. You will feel that it is really small. So, the divider is only used to separate the most private room with other rooms. Let the divider only cover the bed. Then, you can use the inside part for your bedroom, and the outside part for other needs.

Continue the amazing studio apartment ideas by coloring the room. Just paint the ceiling with white. You may install wooden ceiling accessories to give it an accent. Then, just do the same thing to the wall and the floor. Yet, if you like to present warmth space, wooden flooring is a good choice. Combine the colors with red which is applied on the divider.

The next idea is choosing the best furniture. Use white furniture. Choose white L shaped sofa with a black table to be place as the living room. In front of it, you can install a long white floating table. It is floated on the divider. Add a sink, stove, and cabinets there. The other side, you can use the table as the dining table. You just need to complete it with white chairs.

The bedroom is also need to be designed. Work with your own minds so you can feel cozy resting there. Finally you are working with another important thing of studio apartment ideas. That’s lighting. Use bright lighting. Get it from beautiful lamps. And you will enjoy living there.