15 Amazing Studio Apartment Ideas

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Applying amazing studio apartment ideas to your residence can make your dream of having a nice place to live come true. The ideas will create a not large space to be a comfortable place. As it is not too large, he color selection is very important.

Choose colors that give a spacious impression. Don’t color your apartment with dark colors that tend make the room more crowded. You can use the dark colors just for the combination to lose the monotonous feel.

Let’s design your studio apartment beautifully. Start by dividing the room. As you don’t only need a place for sleeping, but also a space for eating, cooking, welcoming your guests, and other activity, you need to separate each space based on the function. It doesn’t mean that you will need many dividers.

You just need a divider because many dividers will make your apartment crowded. You will feel that it is really small. So, the divider is only used to separate the most private room with other rooms. Let the divider only cover the bed. Then, you can use the inside part for your bedroom, and the outside part for other needs.

Continue the amazing studio apartment ideas by coloring the room. Just paint the ceiling with white. You may install wooden ceiling accessories to give it an accent. Then, just do the same thing to the wall and the floor. Yet, if you like to present warmth space, wooden flooring is a good choice. Combine the colors with red which is applied on the divider.

The next idea is choosing the best furniture. Use white furniture. Choose white L shaped sofa with a black table to be place as the living room. In front of it, you can install a long white floating table. It is floated on the divider. Add a sink, stove, and cabinets there. The other side, you can use the table as the dining table. You just need to complete it with white chairs.

The bedroom is also need to be designed. Work with your own minds so you can feel cozy resting there. Finally you are working with another important thing of studio apartment ideas. That’s lighting. Use bright lighting. Get it from beautiful lamps. And you will enjoy living there.

How to Make Curtains

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Curtain gives you chance to complete you room. It is not only just for covering your room from outside and gives you privacy more, but it can also adorn your room be more attractive. How could be done? Is it simple enough to do? It is too silly to say that.

In fact, though it just a simple design, it needs your careful to do the steps of how to make curtains. Every different style of curtains has different difficulty. So, you are very necessary to think the design first concerning to your room and your time.

Let’s move your body to start it now. First step you have to experience is deciding what type of curtain you would like to make. There are some types you may choose they are unlined curtains, lined curtains and interlined curtains. After you have decided your type, then do the next step. Measure your window and decide the size of the curtain. In this step, you need to be more careful to measure. It will determine the beauty of your room.

After you finished your measurement, then calculate how much curtain fabric is required. Calculating the amount of curtain fabric needed can sometimes be deceiving. If you only need to make curtains that are quite narrow (less than one width of fabric), then it can be fairly easy to work out.

However, if you need to make curtains that are wider than a single width of fabric, it can be much harder to work out exactly how much curtain fabric you need, especially if you are intending to use a curtain fabric with a pattern. Now, it is time for you to cut the curtains. It should be fit with your design and your measurement. When the good cut is done, then install the ring hanger to the hanger.

Before you do that, don’t forget to make some holes on your fabric. You can add the small rings to keep the fabric save. Your ways of how to make curtains is over. Although the steps of how to make curtains mentioned above seems so simple, but you need to be more patient and careful to do them. Do them well and enjoy the best of your room.

11 Cool Painting Wood Paneling

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Get an awesome living room by painting wood paneling. It is easy to do. You can do that yourself on your weekend. By paining the wood paneling, your living room will be very interesting. It will lose the monotonous feel. You can choose the best colors for that. Adjust them with the theme you are going to apply there. They are very important. They can determine the mood of the room.

Then, you are not only possible to do that on the door, wall, but also ceiling. Use all of them to beautify your living room. Start your way by painting the wood paneling from the easiest one. Choose the best color for that. To paint the paneling, you need to make sure that the paneling is free of dirt and oil. Wash it well with a mild detergent and water. Dishwashing detergent works great. After the walls have dried sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. A pole sander can help make the job easier.

After sanding, wipe the dust away with a damp cloth. Prime the paneling with a stain blocking primer. Paint it on just like a normal wall, masking off the ceiling, trim and baseboards. Cut in the edges with a brush, and roll on the primer using a 3/8-inch roller cover.

Then, allow drying completely. Paint the paneling with an interior latex paint. Paint as you did the primer, cutting in the edges with a brush, and then rolling on the paint. Let it dry thoroughly, then add your second coat. Do that way on the paneling your install in the room.

Prepare everything you need before working with the project. This will give you a perfect result. Once it has finished, you can make the painting wood paneling perfect in the room by combining it with other great elements. Are you a painter? Or are you able to paint? Painting wood paneling yourself can be a good choice for you. You can get many advantages with it.

14 Inspiring Baby Room with Painted Wood Paneling

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Do you want to create a cool room for your baby? It is simple. You can try to apply painted wood paneling. The paneling which is painted gives an interesting look to the room. It can also determine the mood of the room. Choose the best paint for it. Get the best color for your baby. Adjust it with the theme you want to apply to the room. Combine the painted wood paneling with other element in the room to get a baby room for your baby.

Begin your project by determining the theme of your baby room. Choose the best colors for it. You can use more than one color. Shabby blue can be your choice. Paint your wood paneling with that color. Combine it with white moldings. Make the shabby blue wood paneling more elegant by painting the window and the door frames white. Do the same thing to the ceiling.

Painting the ceiling with white will give a modern look to the room. It is very cool with shabby blue painted wood paneling. Install wooden floors as the combination for the paneling. Choose the dark one. It will make you step on it surely. What’s next? Present something cheerful in the room. Show the cheerful of baby world there. You can do it on the wood paneling.

Paint some letters, numbers, animals, or other pictures on the paneling. Use bright colors to paint them. Yellow, red, green, and purple can be applied there. Paint them in the smart way. Use your ability of painting to do that. Look! The painted wood paneling looks more interesting, right? Add some accessories or décor to make the baby room more inviting.

Get a nice look in your baby room by adjusting the painted wood paneling with the furniture. Choose furniture with great colors. Keep it in harmony with the color of the paneling. Happy waiting your baby birth with a nice baby room!

17 Cool Split House Plans

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Grab the best design for your house. Apply it to your house. Plan it before you are starting to apply them. You also need to plan everything in your house well. One you should plan is house plan. Before you catch the plans, you must decide what theme you want to present to your house. You have many options for that. One of them is split house. To work with it, you can start by getting split house plans. They will guide you how you should manage your house, where the rooms in your house should be and how it will be.

We can begin the split house plans from the floor levels. Split house is a style of house in which the floor levels are staggered, so that the ‘main’ level of the house is partway between the upper and lower floors. The main level is the level that usually contains the front entry.

The main level typically contains common living areas like a living room, kitchen, dining room, and/or family room. Besides, there are typically two short sets of stairs, one running upward to a bedroom level, and one going downward toward a basement area. The basement level is usually finished off. It also often contains additional living areas.

You can have many rooms there. Many people like to build a family room, an office and/or a hobby or playroom, as well as frequently laundry facilities and other utilities. It is also possible for you to have those rooms or some of them in your basement. The basement level often also features a garage, and is usually level with the driveway.

Beneath the main level that’s downward from the basement level is usually crawl space, or sometimes additional basement space, which is frequently unfinished. Choose the best furniture and make your activity there interesting. What’s the next of the split house plans? Present a beautiful yard in front of your house. It will be very interesting. Enjoy living there!