14 Charming Kids Room Ideas

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Make your kids enjoy being at their room. By charming kids room ideas you can make your kids happy being at their room. Choosing the appropriate color for kids is one way. Kids areperfect with bright colors, such us pink, light green, blue, yellow, orange, or other bright color. Using those colors in your kids’ room will be great combination.

Sleeping in the beautiful and comfortable bedroom is very interesting for everyone including kids. So, let’s have a charming bedroom by combining your own creative ideas and kids room ideas for your kids. First, paint the wall with white bone. Beautify the wall with pink flower paint on the small part of it. Choose flooring and perfect it with white ceiling too.

Let the sunlight comes to the room in the morning through the white window. Pair it with a flower pattern pink curtain. Under the window, you could place a chic bed. By using pink couch, green bed, pink flower blanket, and combination between green, pink, yellow pillows makes the room calm and nice. Your kids need a space to do their homework, study, or may be just read their favorite books.

Support their studying activity by providing them a set of table. To match the existing colors in the room, it would be better if you use a pink table and pink bookcase. While for the other equipments, you can use green color. Next, you can lay your kids’ clothes in the pink wardrobe on the other side the room. Complete it with a hanging rack, so then your kids can put their school supplies there.

In addition, the perfect your child’s bedroom can be presented from the lighting used. Present a light green big ball lamp as the main lights. In supporting your kids’ studying activity, you can use table lamps. Beautify the room with pink and green round carpets which have different size and you may complete it with a pink puff. Apply your charming kids room ideas to make your children happy being there and get their spirit back.

10 Breathtaking Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

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Having a baby girl may be your dream. So it is naturally if you want to provide the best for your daughter. Providing a room like a princess room, beautiful clothes, and provide the best food you will surely do. Princess baby girl nursery ideas can be chosen to create a wonderful room for your daughter.

Princess rooms usually show the beauty, glamour and luxury. To create the feel of a beautiful girl, you can use a bone white, pink and violet. While for the floor and walls, you can also use a bright brown color.

Yet, to get the great combination, you’d better to use shabby pink wall. Then, you can paint your ceiling with stripes white, pink, and violet. On the edge of ceiling, you can use pink flower wallpaper. It will lose the monotonous atmosphere.

Show the beauty of your baby’s room with sunlight entering through a glass window in the morning. Beautify your window with bright pink curtains. Lay your baby down on the pink bed and a purple pillow. Put it inside white baby box. Then, behind the baby box, you are able to use a white wardrobe to save your baby clothes. Your baby equipment is placed on the white dresser in front of the glass window.

Beside the dresser you may add a pink rubbish bin to make the room always clean. Well, let’s grab luxurious baby girl nursery ideas by the accessories. Paste a unique purple mirror on the wall. Choose a round mirror with decorative metal frame. Perfect the luxurious nuance of the room with decorative glass chandelier. Decorative glass chandelier and unique frame mirror give more luxurious and glamour sense. Welcome everyone who comes to the room with chic door. White door that you use will be alive with small pink flowers on it. Step on your feet on the soft rugs in the side of the room. The perfect baby girl nursery ideas in the room seem totally delicate and nice.

31 Inspiring Teen Room Ideas

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A place where most people spend their time is room. Not only being there for long time, but you’re also able to show your character freely through your room. You are free to put anything you like and design it as you want. What do inspiring teen room ideas look like?

After school and you feel tired of the lesson, of course you wish that you can lose it in your room. White wall and white ceiling can make you feel that your room is really large and clean. You can combine with wooden flooring. The brown wooden color is able to make you relax. It is also not too cold to step on when the weather is cold.

The existence of large class window can be used to let the sunlight and air circulation. So, there is no stuffy room anymore. If the sun is too hot in the day, you can work with white curtains. Use white dresser and glass cabinet or bookshelf to keep your diary or school kits. When you want to study at home, you can place white desk and white chair near the bookshelf. While on the dresser you may place black TV. Make it more wonderful with wine glass chandelier.

Then, by choosing a wooden couch, it will be harmonious with the wooden floor. Spoil you by lying down on the soft grey bed. Pair it with white pillows and white bolster. On the sides of the bed, place unique floor lamp and plastic purple flowers. The floor lamp will make you sleep comfortably because the light is not too bright. Beautify you room with a rug which has color combination of grey, purple, and dark brown. It perfects your teen room ideas.

You like to add some paintings or accessories there? You may hang a painting over the bed. And add accessories on the wall you like, but don’t make it too crowded. The teen room ideas can be combined with your own imagination. Just be happy being at your room.

11 Extraordinary Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

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Awaiting the birth of your baby? It will definitely make you and your husband happy. There are many things to be prepared for your baby. One of them is setting up a comfortable bedroom. With baby boy nursery ideas, you can provide a comfortable place for your baby.
For your baby boy, the selection of colors that are not too crowded would indicate that the room was for your boy. Try to don’t use colors such as pink, light blue, or purple. The colors are better used for your baby girls.

Your baby room can be extraordinary with baby boy nursery ideas and your own imagination. One thing to do firstly is by choosing the color of the wall, ceiling, and floor. Grey wall can indicate that your baby is not mushy, he will be strong boy. Combine it with white ceiling and white flooring. By applying the colors your baby room cooler.

The presence of windows in your son’s room is very important. In the morning when the sun is shining brightly, carrying your baby in sunlight will make him healthy. Close the window with light grey curtain when it is too bright in the midday. The cool baby nursery will be perfect with the existence of wooden furniture.

Use a wooden baby box and place it in the corner. Add wood dresser beside the baby box. You can use a dresser for storing toiletries for your baby or your child’s clothes. If you need more place, a small wardrobe will help. To light your activity in the dark, you can you a white lamp. While, perfect the light with a round table lamp on the dresser. Over the dresser, you may hang a mirror with white frame. Avoid the monotonous sense in your baby room. Your baby boy nursery ideas will be more unique with wall décor. Make white paper birds and paste on the wall near the baby box. Another thing you can do is by putting some paintings or pictures there.

17 Cheerful Kids Bathroom Ideas

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As the place we often visit, a bathroom should be nice, moreover for our children’s bathroom. When they have an interesting bathroom, they will not need to be forced to bath. They will go o the bathroom directly in the afternoon without any commands because they love the kids bathroom ideas there. There are many ways to make your children’s bathroom more interesting.

First, you need to consider the right color for your children’s bathroom. Kids are usually fit with the bright colors likes light blue, light green, yellow, orange, sometimes chic pink for girls or another bright color. Those colors are able to give cheerful nuance. It also shakes your children’s spirit, so they will get a fresh body after bathing there.

The bright colors can be applied through the wall, floor, ceiling, toiletries, and some accessories there. To make the bathroom looks higher, you can paint the ceiling with white. While according to the use of water, you’d better to choose ceramics wall and ceramics flooring. Choose sea blue ceramics for upper wall and light blue or white ceramics for the bottom part. Try to use use tiles with pictures of sea animals, so the bathroom will feel very comfortable and the kids will love it. While for the floor, you can use a light blue or white ceramics.

Present a white window to shine it at noon. In the corner of the bathroom, make your children enjoy watering their body with a nice glass shower box. Next to the shower box, add a mirror and a white sink. Teach your child to maintain cleanliness and neatness of the bathroom by providing blue rubbish bins beside the sink. And do not let them put stuff in random places. Yet, teach them to put it in the cabinet under the sink. On the other side, you can add your kids bathroom ideas by a white bathtub. Close it with a light green curtain.

Last, you need o perfect the kids bathroom ideas with some accessories there. In front of the door, you may spread a blue doormat with cartoon picture your children like. Another way you can do is by selecting unique and cute children’s toiletries. So, they certainly enjoy their activity in the bathroom.