10 Elegant White U Shaped Kitchen Designs

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Do you have a small house? Do you have to do many things there? You have to be smart. You can do many things you must do comfortably there, including cooking. Cooking is maybe one of activities you have to do every day.

Preparing meals for your family is started from cooking to the serving. They will be done happily in a beautiful and cozy kitchen. A kitchen which does not only give you a great look but also make you free to move from one place to another. And U shaped kitchen can be your choice.

First, before designing the kitchen, you need to build windows there. Some glass windows will be a good choice. The sunlight that enters to the kitchen will enlighten the kitchen brightly at noon.

Try to build them face to the backyard. It gives you fresh scenery while cooking. Then, you can start the way of creating an elegant white U shaped kitchen. Begin by installing U shaped cabinets on the floor. You don’t need to install upper cabinets as there will no wall large wall for it. You have used it for the windows.

Choose the white cabinets with white countertop as the top. Place stove and other kitchen tools there. Don’t forget the sink. Choose the white one. Install it in front of the window, so you can wash the dishes and seeing your children who playing in the backyard in the same time. Next, put the refrigeration next to the U shaped cabinets. The side of the kitchen is used as a dining table.

You can serve the cook there. Ask your family to have breakfast or dinner there. You don’t need any divider to separate the kitchen with other room. It gives a large impression in a small house. Complete the dining table with white chairs. Bring warmth to the room by installing wooden floor. Combine it with white ceiling. It is elegant, isn’t it?

Perfect the U shaped kitchen with great lighting and fresh look. You just need to install some white ceiling lamp and place fresh flowers and you will get a great kitchen.

How to Install Dishwasher

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Is the dishwasher in your kitchen broken? Or it has been old and you want to change it with the new one? It is very simple. You can do yourself in your spare time. By doing it yourself, you can get many advantages. It is not only cheap but you will be on the top of satisfaction. Master how to install dishwasher and do all the steps one by one.

Let’s start knowing the ways how to install dishwasher. Arriving at home from the store, you can take new dishwasher out of the box and lay it face down so the back is visible. Make sure that all of the connections are there.

Then, you can take the cap off the drain line connection at the dishwasher. Attach the drain line to the dishwasher. The next way is threading the drain line into the hole under the sink. Use pliers; crimp the clamp around the hose to secure.

Continue by putting the dishwasher under the countertop. To do that, you can slide the new dishwasher under the countertop. Level the countertop by adjusting the height of the legs with a wrench and secure the dishwasher to the countertop with screws. When it has done, re-attach the wires of the same color. Screw on wire nuts and wrap with electrical tape.

Place the copper ground wire under the green-round screw then tighten down. Make sure that you verify the power is still off at the breaker before reattaching it. Next, attach the dishwasher supply line to the dishwasher. Tighten with a wrench. Once you have finished it, you can turn on the water under the sin.

Attach the drain line to the plumbing system. After that, tighten the clamp around the hose. Turn the power on at the breaker. And you can check it as the finishing. Those are really simple. You can do all the steps on how to install dishwasher yourself. Try them out!

14 Cool Kitchen Wall Colors

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Start having a good quality of meals from a kitchen. Cook the meals well and keep the cleanness of the place where you do that. Do more than just keeping it clean, but amazing. You can do many things to create a cool kitchen. Grab the best for it. One which can make your kitchen amazing is color selection. A color has an important role in determining the mood of a room. So, select the right color for it. Apply the color on the wall. What’re the nice kitchen wall colors for you?

Start your ways of coloring your kitchen by applying fresh green. It makes your kitchen fresher. By combining it with wooden furniture, your kitchen will be very nice. Just apply the color on the wall. Let all parts of the wall covered with it. Combine the green wall with white ceiling.

The white will make your kitchen looks more spacious. Go on your way of designing your kitchen by installing black floors. Get the shiny black floors. It is very cool for kitchen. Then, choose wooden kitchen cabinets and install them on the wall and on the floors. Look, they are stunning on the cool kitchen wall colors. Make the parts more interesting by installing two tone kitchen cabinets.

Keep the cleanness of the kitchen by installing green tiles backsplash. Insert some black tiles among the green tiles. The black countertop will also perfect its look cooler. Get a luxurious look by installing gold hardware. The gold hardware is installed on the kitchen cabinets. After that, the use of kitchen tools and kitchen appliance is also important.

White and black kitchen tools are what you can choose. Install some lighting on the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinets. They can illuminate the wall beautifully. Finally, light cool kitchen wall colors with a pendant lamp in the middle of the kitchen. Get the white one and enjoy cooking there.

65 Luxurious Classic Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

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You want to get rustic shades in your kitchen? Applying country kitchen will be a right choice. It would make your kitchen be unusual and different from the others. To create it, a wooden kitchen set and traditional lights are some ways you could do. Check your own ideas out for making the kitchen as you want. Start it from the floor. Wooden flooring is the best choice of your country kitchen. Make the room more spacious with high ceiling. Paint it with light brown.

Then, install ceramic backsplash on the wall. It protects the wall from the splashes and also makes you easy to clean. Try to take light brown ceramics. It will show the existence of the backsplash among the dark brown wooden cabinets. Through the wooden kitchen cabinets, you can store your stuffs. Your appliance can make your kitchen mess.

So, don’t forget to keep them in the cabinets too. The wooden materials of the kitchen set will make your cooking space seems to be much more natural within the prettiness of great design. Add supporting wall lamps near the backsplash. They light your cooking activity. So, your cook will not be scorched. After cooking, invite your family to enjoy the cook on the big wooden countertop. Take much of the counter top to be used as a dining table. Surround it with wooden chairs. Add a sunflower vase on the table to bring natural sense. Discover the luxurious classic nuance of your kitchen by traditional chandelier.

Take the simple and yellow light. It will highlight the luxury and classic of the room. While in the noon, you can take the advantage of the sunlight to brighten your cooking activity. In addition, we have the greatest step for perfecting your country kitchen. Placing a big green pot in the corner is great. It gives the nuance of nature and also country feels in combining with the wooden kitchen set.

15 Cool Kitchen Layout Ideas

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Enjoy cooking in a great kitchen. Get started with a kitchen layout. It will determine the comfort of the kitchen. Besides, it also determines the space for your movement. When you want to decide the layout of your kitchen, you need to always remember the kitchen work triangle — in which the refrigerator, range and sink are placed 4 to 9 feet apart, forming a roughly equilateral triangle.

In larger kitchens, an island can break up the space in attractive ways, help direct traffic, provide convenient storage, and present the chef with useful countertop work space that borders the work triangle.

Let know the kitchen layout. For good traffic flow, islands should have at least 3 or 4 feet of aisle on each side. A small peninsula may be a good alternative to an island in kitchens where space is limited. Never put an island in a kitchen where two points of the work triangle are on opposite walls; it will get in the way. Let the part blank. There are some basic kitchen layouts which maybe can be your choice to be applied in the kitchen. They are galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, and G-shaped (peninsula) kitchen. Each of them has its own characteristic.

A galley kitchen is efficient, but the counter space is limited and the foot traffic can be disruptive. The next is L-shaped kitchen. It is very popular. Most of them lie to apply it in their house. There is no foot traffic crosses through work triangle and there are lots of counter space. Then, U-shaped kitchen usually surrounds the cook with appliances and counter space. It is ideal for an island if the “U” is big enough.

The last of the kitchen layout is G-shaped kitchen or it is also common called peninsula. It is cozy. There are lots of counter space. It also links the kitchen to the dining area with a common counter surface. Choose the best kitchen layout by adjusting it with the size of the kitchen. You will enjoy cooking there.