10 Interesting Black and White Living Room

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Show your character to everyone through a living room. Give a good impression to them. Make them comfortable and happy being at your living room. And to achieve those, you can do them by designing it with the best design, beautifying it with chic décor, and making it cozy with comfortable furniture. Choose the coolest color as the dominant color for that. It is very important as a color can determine the mood of the room and has a big contribution to the beauty of the living room.

Do you have a strong character? Do you dislike something weak or too girly? Applying black and white living room is a right choice for you. The white that’s applied on the wall and the ceiling, the black which is applied on the use of furniture, and warm that’s presenting on the floor will be a great combination in your living room.

To start your way of creating black and white living room, you can paint the wall with white. Do the same thing to the ceiling. Add some accent on the ceiling so it will be more inviting. The white brings a large impression to the room.

Modern impression is also what you will get with it. Then, you can continue by applying the black on the furniture. One of comfortable furniture if sofa. Choose soft black sofa and place it attached the wall. Pair with two black chairs on the opposite side.

Serve your guests of everyone who comes to your house with food and drinks on a black table. Use a triangle of semi circle table. It makes a modern impression. Don’t forget to apply the black also on the floor. You can bring warmth through the black flooring. You simple install black wooden flooring. Spread an orange rug. Look! It is more alive and fresh.

Lose the boring white wall with orange and black and white paintings. Freshen it up by presenting green plants in the corner. The black and white living room can be more interesting with a floor lamp. A curve floor lamp will help you to get it.

26 Appealing Living Room Décor Ideas

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Bored with your living room? You want to have different things from your living room? Well, it’s time for you to take living room décor. Your living room which is just so-so can be created to be more interesting and comfortable place to stay. And of course it will be different from your living room before.

There are many ways to beautify your living room. First, let’s see the wall, ceiling and floor. Are they interesting? If they are not, you need to repaint the wall and ceiling. Keep on the white ceiling to make your living room more spacious. If it is possible, dark green flooring will be nice. Combine with light green and white wall.

Here, you will create a natural living room through the use of white and green as the dominant color. To avoid the monotonous view, you can apply leaves wallpaper on a side of the wall. Add white dresser and a black wall TV. Show the beauty of the green wallpaper by a great lighting.

The lighting may be presented from unique floor lamp from the both side. Next, when your sofa doesn’t give any contributions, you can do more to them. Change the sofa cover with the one. Try to combine white or light grey and green for your sofa. Make your guests and more cozy with fresh green cushion. Your feet should be spoiled by a soft dark green rug.

Your feet will not feel cold when the weather is cold. Use a glass table for modern sense. If your sofa is not enough for your guests, so you need more seats. Puffs can be an alternative for that. Take puffs which have same color with the sofa or another color that can be a great combination in your living room.

Your living room décor can be perfected with potting a plant in the corner of the room. It is really fresh. The use of glass door will make you easy to enjoy the beauty of your garden in the front yard. Last, don’t let your wall blank. Hang tree paintings or another eco-friendly accessory. So, your living room décor not only appealing, but it’s also fresh.

10 Interesting Living Room with Faux Painting

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Create something different in your living room through color. Expand your concept of color. Include the multidimensional softness of a color-washed sky at twilight, or the look of fine linen or raw silk.

Let your inspiration be your guide to transform your home’s surfaces into visually stunning décor by using a few simple faux painting techniques. It is very simple to do. You will be able to do that. As the result, your living room will be really awesome.

Let’s know how design a living room with faux painting. You can apply the faux painting on the wall of the living room. If you have much time, you can do yourself. It will give you more satisfaction. When you want to begin working with your project, make sure that the wall is clean.

Clean your walls thoroughly and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Then, you can continue by preparing all the materials you need. Choose the best color for the Glaze Mixture. The glaze extender allows you more ‘open time’ for your glaze mixture, and keeps it wet and workable longer. For longer open time, add more glaze extender to the mixture. Next, apply it on the wall. You can start from the upper corner.

Then, use either a brush or roller to apply your glaze mixture in sections about two feet by two feet. Work from the ceiling toward your floor. Use a clean, dampened sea sponge to pull the glaze color off your wall, taking care to rinse it with clean water and wring frequently. Make sure that you maintain a wet edge as you glaze, to prevent any hard lines from forming on your wall as you work from one section to another.

If you want a hint of depth, use a glaze color in the same color family no more than two shades deeper than your base color. And for a bolder look, select one or more glaze colors from different color families.
Your project has finished. Perfect the faux painting with other things in your living room. Your living room will be more interesting.

33 Terrific Modern Living Room Designs

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Guests will be in your living room for the first time come to your house. Make them feel at home when visit you. Present the beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and cozy living room. You are able to make them come true through modern living room. There you can create beautiful, elegant, and cozy nuance by choosing the right color and good quality furniture. Then by selecting some gold accessories and gold decorative chandelier will bring the sense of glamour.

The modern living room wall can be formed by white wall and stone wallpaper on the one side of the wall. The wallpapers frank white wall. There, you can put a slim wall TV and light it with yellow wall lamps. On the both side, add black floor lamps. Next to the lamps you may add a sculpture and green plant pot. They will bring natural atmosphere and also chic.

Under the wall TV, you place a wooden short dresser where you can keep your favorite magazine there. Then, combine that with white ceiling and white ceramics flooring. Try to use high white ceiling to make your living room more spacious. In presenting glamour sense, you may add gold color on the edges of the ceiling.

By getting sunlight in the morning through glass large window can make your living room healthy and bright. Another to perfect your living room is by using a glass door. Glass door and window door would be a good combination in creating modern living room. Beautify the window with white curtains. Next, when your guests come, spoil them with soft beige sofa. Pair it with some puffs which have same color with the sofa. You may take different color of puffs, but try to keep them in harmony.

Add some cushions and beautify your living room by spreading a brown rug. To serve your guests snacks and drinks, you are able to use wooden coffee table. Over it, hang a gold decorative chandelier. It will shine your activity and make your living room luxurious. The gold accessories can be great alternatives to your terrific modern living room. In addition, you can use glass cabinets with gold trinkets inside it to separate your living room with another room.

15 Cheap Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

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Look at your living room! Is it boring? Cheap decorating ideas will make it more interesting without spending much money. You can save the money for other needs. It is a good choice, isn’t it? Use things around you to get your aim.

Recycled things are also possible for you. They will reduce the used things in your warehouse. Be creative! Create something wonderful from those used things. Getting a great and cheap décor and making the warehouse empty again is what you can do in a same time.

The first of cheap decorating ideas is applied on the windows. A white curtain will be an elegant choice for a glass window. Take a white fabric and you can combine it with a hanger to cover the windows. You will not spend much money for it. The next cheap idea comes from photo frames. They will make the room more interesting and inviting.

Choose black photo frames hang them on the wall. Do you have boards which you don’t want to use them? They can be a good décor. Just take and smooth them. When it has finished, you can paint them with a base color.

Then, show your creativity by moving your canvas on the boards. They will be wonderful DIY paintings. In the corner of the room can be freshened with a green potted plant. You may also put some plant pots on other spaces. The room will be very fresh and natural. What’s next? A glass jar with colorful marbles is one of cheap decorating ideas for your living room.

The colorful marbles and the clear jar glass make the living room look modern. Change the table legs with the other one. Use woods for them. Let them on the original shape of the woods. It will be really cool and rustic. Always apply the cheap decorating ideas for your living room. They help you much in making a wonderful house.