21 Outstanding Living Rooms with Modern Interior Design

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Check your living room out, has it been outstanding? If it hasn’t, designing it to be the nicest one is what you need to do. Take the inspired modern interior design and apply it into your living room. Be brave to play with bright colors and combine it with soft color. They are able to make the living room outstanding. The bright colors will burn your spirit up, while the soft color can bring the warmness of the room. So, it shows that the householders are friendly and they are open to welcome everybody who comes.

There are many ways of modern interior design. One of them is can be done through the white, black, and shabby red. Shiny colors will produce the modern sense. How is the design of the room to be more awesome? Divide the wall into two parts and paint each with black and white. Don’t let the wall blank. Make it to be more interesting by hanging paintings on each part. Light the painting with three wall lamps above it. It’s really modern.

Furthermore, you have some square frames with different colors between the paintings. Shabby red and black squares with white frames could be float there. Give white line on the black wall where the frames are hung. Place black slim urns on the life side of the frames. While on the right side under the painting, shabby red dressers are able to fill the empty part. It loses the monotony of the room, too. And welcoming your guest is done here. A white arm chair and the black one are able to reach the aim of making guests cozy being there.

Serve drinks and snacks on the short shiny black coffee table. Lay it on the white rug that you spread out there. On the other hand, the rug will also beautify the room. Two arm chairs are not enough for your guests. It’s better for you to add two white puffs and a black puff. Using a shiny black box as the seat is also one you can do to design the room to be modern. You think that the room is less interesting and modern? Hang a white sphere chandelier over the table. It will perfect your living room with modern interior design.

10 Interesting Black and White Living Room

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Show your character to everyone through a living room. Give a good impression to them. Make them comfortable and happy being at your living room. And to achieve those, you can do them by designing it with the best design, beautifying it with chic décor, and making it cozy with comfortable furniture. Choose the coolest color as the dominant color for that. It is very important as a color can determine the mood of the room and has a big contribution to the beauty of the living room.

Do you have a strong character? Do you dislike something weak or too girly? Applying black and white living room is a right choice for you. The white that’s applied on the wall and the ceiling, the black which is applied on the use of furniture, and warm that’s presenting on the floor will be a great combination in your living room.

To start your way of creating black and white living room, you can paint the wall with white. Do the same thing to the ceiling. Add some accent on the ceiling so it will be more inviting. The white brings a large impression to the room.

Modern impression is also what you will get with it. Then, you can continue by applying the black on the furniture. One of comfortable furniture if sofa. Choose soft black sofa and place it attached the wall. Pair with two black chairs on the opposite side.

Serve your guests of everyone who comes to your house with food and drinks on a black table. Use a triangle of semi circle table. It makes a modern impression. Don’t forget to apply the black also on the floor. You can bring warmth through the black flooring. You simple install black wooden flooring. Spread an orange rug. Look! It is more alive and fresh.

Lose the boring white wall with orange and black and white paintings. Freshen it up by presenting green plants in the corner. The black and white living room can be more interesting with a floor lamp. A curve floor lamp will help you to get it.

21 Colorful Shabby Chic Living Room Designs

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Welcoming guest with warm is a must for us. But make guests feel comfortable in the living room is important as well. And make guests feel at home living room is happiness for us.

By presenting a shabby chic living room with colorful furniture will make our guests comfortable there. The use of faded colors will wilt make the living room looks calm. While by applying of wide variety colors on the element of the room will make the room beautiful.

You feet are steeping on the floor to enter your house. Make your feet cozy with a carpet. Choose a pattern carpet with soft color, like beige, faded brown, or the similar color. Then, now spoil your eye with the beautiful color combinations from your living room. Use long chair with white pad on it.

Add some cushions which cover by white striped pillowcases. The combination of those colors is nice for your shabby chic living room. To serve your guest drinks or some snacks, a table is needed. Take a round glass table with buffer made ​​of carved wood.

Beautify your table by a colorful flower vase. Then, you can add a white artistic marble table beside the long chair. On the other side, put a simple shabby sofa. Well, then how is the wall your shabby chic living room? Color the wall with calm light green. Add some mirrors with gold curved frame on it. They can color your room.

Keep your documents on the white chest drawer that put in front of the mirrors. The existence of accessories which have functions is necessary. By presenting decorative table lamps on the chest drawer is able to give different nuance. Put a sculpture between the decorative lamps is a good way. Or you can add some accessories as you want.

One thing that is not less important of your colorful shabby chic living room is the lighting. Perfect your living room with a big decorative chandelier. Give a great impression to your guest through living room.

28 Charming Living Room with Flower Vase Decor Ideas

Your living room is not interesting? It is really boring? You have selected the right color as the dominant color for your living room? You also choose the best furniture, but it’s still less attractive? So, one thing you can do to beautify the living room in your house is by placing flower vase. It is simple to do but it gives a big contribution into the rooms.

As the place where you receive your guests, a living room not only should be cozy but also interesting. You can achieve that aim through a flower vase. There are many kinds of flower vases that you can choose. Some of them are wooden, marble, bottle, and glass flower vase. Glass flower vase is the most common. Most people like to put it on their table. But, you can choose the best flower vase according to the theme of your living room. If you like to have rustic living room, a wooden flower vase is the right option.

The wooden chair and wooden table which place in the middle of the room will be more inviting by presenting yellow flowers in a wooden flower vase. You may also add a big flower vase on the side of the chair set. Fill it with colorful flowers. They will be able to freshen up the room and also lose the monotony of the wooden furniture. Prefer to have a modern style in your living room maybe happens to you.

To make your modern living room more charming and more modern, there are some options for you. One of them is by using a glass flower vase. Glass flower with fresh flowers in it is really chic placed on the glass table with white sofa around it. Choose fresh bright flowers to make your eyes don’t want to turn off from that. Perfect the performance of your living room by spreading a white or black rug. In addition, try to find the simplest and cheapest way of making the living room more charming is a great choice. Grab the inexpensive flowers vase ideas and work with them as well.

10 Interesting Living Room with Faux Painting

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Create something different in your living room through color. Expand your concept of color. Include the multidimensional softness of a color-washed sky at twilight, or the look of fine linen or raw silk.

Let your inspiration be your guide to transform your home’s surfaces into visually stunning décor by using a few simple faux painting techniques. It is very simple to do. You will be able to do that. As the result, your living room will be really awesome.

Let’s know how design a living room with faux painting. You can apply the faux painting on the wall of the living room. If you have much time, you can do yourself. It will give you more satisfaction. When you want to begin working with your project, make sure that the wall is clean.

Clean your walls thoroughly and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Then, you can continue by preparing all the materials you need. Choose the best color for the Glaze Mixture. The glaze extender allows you more ‘open time’ for your glaze mixture, and keeps it wet and workable longer. For longer open time, add more glaze extender to the mixture. Next, apply it on the wall. You can start from the upper corner.

Then, use either a brush or roller to apply your glaze mixture in sections about two feet by two feet. Work from the ceiling toward your floor. Use a clean, dampened sea sponge to pull the glaze color off your wall, taking care to rinse it with clean water and wring frequently. Make sure that you maintain a wet edge as you glaze, to prevent any hard lines from forming on your wall as you work from one section to another.

If you want a hint of depth, use a glaze color in the same color family no more than two shades deeper than your base color. And for a bolder look, select one or more glaze colors from different color families.
Your project has finished. Perfect the faux painting with other things in your living room. Your living room will be more interesting.