How to Build a Fence

Are you confused what the right fence for your home? There are a lot of kinds of fences that you can choose for your home, such concrete fence, iron fence, even bamboo fence. There are a few things to consider when you want to build a fence. One of them is by determining the materials to make the fence. Fences are not only as a complement of your home and decorate it, but the most important thing is that a fence can protect your home from things you do not want. So, how to build a fence which suitable for your home?

Bamboo fence is that you may choose to fence off your house. When you want to build a bamboo fence, you need to pay attention to the high of the fence. The height of fence is at least 1/3 of the height of your house. But if you want to maintain the privacy of your home, you can make a high bamboo fence. Making a bamboo fence is not difficult. How to build the fence? You simply cut the bamboo fence in accordance with the height you want. Then, wipe the bamboo and you can paint it or simply varnish it.

Next, you can bind the bamboo tightly with rope. Tie at the top, bottom and middle. The rope linking on the bamboo fence will form three lines that will beautify your fence. Frame it with wood which painted with black color. And your bamboo fence is ready to install to protect and beautify you home. Make your bamboo fence durable and not easily eaten by termites by applying short concrete fence at the bottom.

Put the bamboo fence on it then. Paint the concrete fence with black color. The black color on the bottom of the fence, bamboo natural color, and black ropes is a great combination, especially if your yard is covered by green grass. You would not be comfortable leaving your house for long. Another way of how to build a fence which is artistic is by cutting the bamboo with unequal length. The bamboo which has different length will make your fence full of art.

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