How to Build a Pond

Do you want to make your yard more interesting? Do want to present something natural there? It is simple. You can use your ability for it. Create it yourself. Doing everything you need your self can bring a satisfaction. If you have to work, you can use your weekend for finishing your project. Just learn how to build a pond and you can try to do at your home.

Here is some what you have to do on how to build a pond. First, prepare everything you need like the materials and the tools. Then, mark the outline of your pond. Adjust the size of the pond with the size of the yard. It is very necessary to make you comfortable and easy to present something else there. Next, excavate the pond. You can either dig your pond with a shovel or rent a back hoe. Your pond should be dug with a variety of depth levels so you can utilize these levels as plant shelves.

What’s next? Don’t forget to make room for the skimmer. After that, dig for your filter if you’re installing one. Install the underlayment and pond liner. It is very easy – just unfold and place the underlayment into the pond. If there is more than one section, be sure to overlap them a few inches.

Install the pond liner in the same manner as the underlayment. Make sure you keep plenty of extra liner at the perimeter banks of your pond and near your filter. The next step is adding rocks. Start by placing the rocks on the vertical walls. They provide surface area for necessary bacteria, protect your liner from harm and add natural beauty. Next, you can install the skimmer.

Every skimmer is slightly different so you will need to follow the installation instructions carefully that came with your skimmer. The last you can install the filter. It should tip forward about 1”. Then it is perfectly level side to side. When it has finished, you can fill it with water.

Add your accessories and begin to landscape around your pond. Trim away large excess liner and underlayment. Always leave several inches of extra liner when trimming then bury it with small stones. They are the steps on how to build a pond. Work with your own mind to make it more perfect.

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