How to Build Cabinets

Complete your kitchen with cabinets. Keep the cleanness and the tidiness of your kitchen by storing the kitchen tools there. Make them not only as the storage in your kitchen but more than it. Use them as one of important things which can beautify your kitchen. To have them in the kitchen, you don’t have to ask a builder to do hat. Doing it by yourself will give you more benefits. You can learn how to build cabinets first before start working with the project.

Let’s learn how to build cabinets. Master all the steps and do them to finish your project. Start by planning your cabinets. It is important to know the best size of cabinets for your kitchen. Cut the sides. Cut out the side pieces out of 3/4″ MDF, plywood, or an appropriate type of laminate. Then, you can cut the bottom.

Make sure that the width of the bottom section accounts for the width that will be added by the side pieces being added on either side. Join the base panels to the bottom using glue. Then, using butt joints screw through the cabinet base and into the edge of the panels.

Glue and then secure with butt joints the side panels to the base and bottom structure, fitting the toe-kick in with the gap you made. Next glue and secure the back brace panel so that it will sit flat against the wall. After that, you can nail on a back panel. Now, reinforce all the joints with corner brackets and screws. What’s next? Install the shelves.

Measure, mark, and level locations for at least four corner brackets and then slide in the shelves. Add facing panels. Assemble the facing panels into one unit like you would assemble a picture frame. You can use flat joints or you can miter them. Place the cabinets in their location.

Screw through the back panel and into the wall studs to secure the cabinet it place. And the last way is install the doors. And you have finished your project. The steps on how to build cabinets are not too hard, right? Now, you can try at home.

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