How to Clean a Bathroom

Is your bathroom dirty? Is it disgusting? It is surely not comfortable for bathing. You should clean it up. If you often feel hard o remove the stains in the bathroom and your cleaning activity is not maximal, you can grab the ways on how to clean a bathroom. The right ways and some tips of cleaning a bathroom will help you finish your project.

Begin the steps on how to clean a bathroom by preparing the material and the tools. There are some things you should prepare like microfiber clothes, glass cleaning clothes, a vacuum, mop pole, a toilet brush, and other things. Continue by cleaning the first thing in your bathroom. Spray and soak tiles, toilets, and glass doors. The reason we spray and soak at the beginning is to allow for heavy build-up to be easily broken down.

Allow any bacteria to be killed. Make sure that you work with good ventilation. Next is tidying part of the first wave. Circle around the bathroom and pick up garbage and recycling, put things where they belong (tidying) and some quick organization. Finish this wave up by folding your towels neatly and making sure the space looks neat and organized. 

And now we’re going to tackle the scrubbing, dusting, cleaning and polishing. Keep a dry microfiber cloth over the shoulder so that you can ‘buff’ surfaces and items dry (and access it quickly), a clean microfiber cloth in the other hand and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner close by. High and low dusting is the first thing you’re going to do. Start at the top and work your way down. After that, take 2 microfiber cloths and your bottle of all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner.

Spray your cloth so that it’s damp and head to your 12 o’clock area to start. Do it on the mirrors, windows, tubs, showers, and other furniture you use there. Once it has done, you need to simply clean your points of contact – empty your garbage and clean the floors, using a microfiber cloth and not a mop. You have done all the steps on how to clean bathroom. Now, it is time for you to enjoy your activity there.

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