How to Clean a Mattress

Do you start to feel not comfort with your mattress? You may need to know the steps of how to clean a mattress. It is very important due to keep your mattress saves. Not only the stains or dust in it, there are often the dead skin cells, sweat, blood, urine and other bodily fluids. Showering it seems not enough to remove all the dirty causes mentioned. There are several techniques which can be used to remove stains and keep your mattress comfort to sit in.

Before you are thinking to start your job to undergo of how to clean a mattress, it is better for you to strip the bed and launder your linens.  Wash and dry your mattress pad first, then the sheets, and finally your bedspread/comforter/duvet. Check the manufacturer’s labels first and use the hottest water and dryer heat setting allowed since heat will kill dust mites in your bedding.

While the washer and dryer are doing their thing, turn your attention to the mattress. After all first steps are being done, vacuum it. Start at the top of your mattress and work your way down in overlapping, narrow plants and then vacuum the sides of your mattress the same way.

After that, get rid of the bad smells, by deodorize it. Change the smells to be sweat. To make it perfect, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and rub that in with a stiff-bristled brush. Do them well and vacuum it again to help pull out trace dampness.

The most important of cleaning the mattress, clean the worst dust by certain steps; dried blood stains can be treated by making a paste of 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 tbsp. each liquid dish soap and table salt. Then to remove the urine stains, you can use baking soda mixed with the liquid dish soap.

When you face bodily fluids, use a white rag by wiping the mattress. After all are well done, flip it in and out. It helps you to dry the mattress. Those are the steps of how to clean a mattress. They will be very useful for you and of course they easy to do. Enjoy your mattress then.

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