How to Install a Door

Are you working with the door installation? But your carpenter is not able to help you work with it? It is not a big problem actually. You can do yourself. Maybe it will be your first time working with the project, but trust me; you have a great ability to do that. Just try it. You will find something wonderful on yourself which you never imagine before. Know the steps how to install a door and you can do that at your home. Do the steps one by one. You will get a professional result later.

What should you do to install a door? Here is the ways of how to install a door. First, you have to make sure that you remove the door correctly. When it is removed, you can continue measuring the door with the frames. Then, attach the door installation brackets. Do that to the outside of the door jamb, the wood frame to which the door comes pre-attached.

Place a bracket behind each of the three hinges. Attach the remaining three brackets on the other side of the jamb. The first bracket should be 8″ from the top, the next bracket just above the latch stop, and the final bracket 8″ from the bottom of the door.

After that place 1/2″ blocks under the door if a carpet or hardwood is going to be installed or 1/4″ blocks if installing laminate. Never place the door directly on an unfinished floor. Next, attach the brackets. Use the plumb line on the wall, screw in the top bracket on the hinge side of the door.

Last, install the casing around the installed door. The casing or trim, is the strips of wood that hide the joints and some parts of the hinge. Do correctly; the trim will perfectly conceal the door installation brackets. Choose casing that compliments your style and cut it using mitered corners or other styles. That’s finished. So, they are what you have to do on how to install a door. Do everything you can yourself. Get a satisfaction by doing it.

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