How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Are working with the project of installing a garage door opener? It is not too hard. You can do yourself. Master how to install a garage door opener and you can try to do it at home. If you are not sure with your own ability, you can ask other people to help you finish it.

Let’s start knowing the first way on how to install a garage door opener. You should check the condition of the garage door opener. Make sure the door parts are working well. The main of the system is an electric motor. It is mounted on the drive track along the centerline of the door.

The chain or rubber drive belt, which moves the trolley and door back and forth, fits around the drive sprocket on the motor. The drive belt loops around the plastic idler sprocket on the other end of the main drive track. You should bolt a 2×4 cleat to the ceiling frame and secure the motor with angle irons. The diagonal angle iron will prevent lateral motion.

Openers are heavy, so it’s extremely important to secure them to ceiling joists or other sturdy framing members. Second, you can install the track and arm. Mount a cleat over the door and mark a centerline for the header bracket that holds the other end of the drive track. Install the track in the header bracket.

Then, continue by installing the arm. A two-part arm (with predrilled holes enabling you to adjust its length) reaches from the drive track trolley to a bracket on the door. When it has finished, you can install the control panel. To do that, mount the terminal block on the door frame; its keypad will control the opening and closing, locking and lighting of the garage.

After that, adjust the door operation. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for adjusting the force applied to the door, plus how high it raises and how low it descends. You have done all the steps on how to install a garage door opener. Know them well before you start working.

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