How to Install Backsplash

Your kitchen is dirty? It must be caused by splashing oil when you fry or maybe the pickings of your dishes. The walls are exposed to splashing will certainly look dirty. To clean it is not easy. You may have to repaint if you want your kitchen be beautiful. However, it probably will not happen if you install a backsplash in your kitchen wall. You can choose ceramic tile for your kitchen backsplash.

There are various kinds of colors, patterns, and textures of ceramic tiles you can choose. The variety of ceramic tile is able to make your kitchen backsplash outstanding. When the tile images are combined, it will produce unsightly and also makes not boring look. In addition, not only by knowing the type of backsplash which would you choose, you also have to know how to install the backsplash.

Installing backsplash is not difficult actually. However there are a few things you need to know how to install backsplash on the wall of your kitchen. The first, the wall must be kept flat and not bumpy. If there are holes or it is wavy, you need to fix it first. This is done to get maximum results. After the wall is really good, make sure the wall is clean.

Clean the surface of dust and dirt. You are sure that the wall surface is completely clean? If so, you can begin to stick tiles on your kitchen wall. Paste the special mixture of cement for ceramics on the walls evenly with a thickness of 3 mm. After that, you can put one by one on top of the ceramic cement stucco. Let it dry. You may take a day to ensure that the backsplash is dry.

Next, do not forget to fill the grout between the ceramic. You do not need to fill it up flush with the surface. Why? Because the concave grout will add the beauty of your kitchen backsplash display. Last thing you should know in how to install a backsplash is perfected by way of cleaning the surface of the stucco attached immediately without waiting until dry.

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