How to Install Baseboard

A baseboard is one of many things you can use to add the beauty of a room. It can be applied in any rooms in your house. Install it in a room you want. To install it, you can work with your own ability. If you are not sure with your skill, you can learn how to install baseboard first and later you can do the steps one by one there.

Let’s know the steps on how to install baseboard before you begin working with the project. First, start by determining your longest wall. If you have a piece of baseboard molding that is longer than the actual wall, you can do this first wall with just one baseboard.

If this is the case, measure carefully and then cut each end of the baseboard at 90 degrees to run directly into each side’s perpendicular wall. Then, cut an inside corner joint. A coped joint is used where the baseboards meet an inside corner joint.

Lay the other baseboard molding (that will join the one already in place) face-down on the floor. Hold a scrap piece of baseboard molding perpendicular to the face-down board and trace the profile of the baseboard with a pencil. Cut along the profile to make a back bevel. After that you can continue by measuring, cutting and installing the baseboard molding around the room.

When you get to an outside corner, set the first piece to that it extends past the outside corner; mark it where it will meet the other piece of the outside corner by setting your try square or combination square against the surface of the wall it meets. Use a miter box or a power miter saw, cut the baseboard at a 45-degree angle. And nail it. Once it has finished, you can fill in the gaps.

Use wood filler to fill in holes and gaps in baseboards. Let the wood filler dry completely, then lightly sand off excess. Use caulk along the top of baseboards to fill the crack between the baseboard and the wall. Your project has finished. How to install baseboard at your house? You have known the steps. You can practice them at home.

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