How to Install Gutters

Do you want to make your house perfect? Are you looking to do DIY for that? Don’t worry, you can do many things to make your house perfect includes gutter installation. When you are not sure how to do that, you can learn how to install gutters and you can do at home. By doing all thing yourself, you will get more than what you need but also a satisfaction. Besides, you will be able to save your budget for other needs, too.

Start the steps on how to install gutters by preparing all tools and materials you need during doing the project. When they have been ready, you can do the first step. Plan the project. Draw a sketch and measure your house. Record the length of the gutter runs and mark the downspout locations. Place downspouts. Try to put them in inconspicuous locations if possible.

Install oversized 3 x 4-in downspouts on gutters that drain large roof areas. Slope long gutter runs (40 ft. or more) down both directions from the middle and put a downspout on each end. Then, cut and joining the gutters. It’s much easier to join sections on the ground than to work from the top of a ladder. Then caulk and rivet them together.

Use the same process to join two sections of gutter. Add downspouts and outlets. Next, you can continue by hanging gutter section. Slope each gutter run down toward the downspout about 1/4 in. for every 10 ft. of gutter. If your fascia boards are level, you can use them as a reference for sloping the gutters.

After that, you can finish with flashing and hangers. Flashing will protect your fascia and soffit from water damage. The last is installing the downspouts. You can cut downspout tubing with a 32-tooth hacksaw blade, but the pro we talked to uses a circular saw with a standard 24-tooth carbide blade.

Use an old blade, though. Protect yourself from flying bits of metal with goggles, leather gloves, jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Then, finish the gutter job by hanging the downspouts attaching the downspouts to the wall. If you can’t find U-shaped brackets, make them from sections of downspout. Those are the steps on how to install gutters. Just try to do at home.

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