How to Install Tile Floor

Get a cool room y installing tile floors. A tile floor adds style to any room. It is also durable, easy to clean and a project you can take on with confidence. Learn how to install tile floor and do all steps one by one. Doing the project yourself will be cheaper than you ask a builder to do that. It will give a satisfaction, too.

Before you are working with the steps on how to install tile floor, you should prepare some tools and materials you need like a level, goggles, carpenter’s square, grout, tile and tile adhesive. When they have been on your hands, you can make sure you have prepared the subfloor properly before you begin laying tile.

Then, mix the polymer-modified thin set mortar in a bucket to the consistency recommended by the manufacturer. Starting at the reference line cross in the middle of the room, spread the mortar with the thin side of the trowel in areas. Next, apply the mortar using the notched side of the trowel held at a 45 degree angle. Comb the mortar in one straight direction to ensure uniform application.

Remove excess mortar with the trowel and return it to the bucket and some ceramic tiles have spacers built into the tile itself. What’s the next? You are on the step of installing the tiles. Lay the first tile square at the crossing of the reference lines. For best results, lightly press and twist the tiles to set them in the mortar. Place tile spacers at the edges of the first tile.

Continue laying tiles in the same manner along the reference lines. Don’t forget to add spacers. Once it is done, use a rubber mallet and carpenter’s level to level the tile. Remove any excess mortar with a damp sponge. Continue applying thinset mortar and laying the tile in work sections in the same manner. Allow the thinset mortar to dry. Now, perfect the floor look. Remove the tile spacers between tiles.

Apply the grout into the joints, then diagonally across the joints with a rubber grout float, removing as much excess as possible. Allow it dry and wipe the grout lines with a sponge and water to set the grout just below the tile surface. It will be clean. That’s how to install tile floor in your house.

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