How to Install Tile

There are many ways to make your house wonderful and comfortable. You can do through the wall, ceiling, even to the floor. Floor has a big role in beautifying your house. Besides, when you have a cool floor, you will step surely on. Go to the store and get the best tile with charming look. How to install tile? It is simple. You can do yourself. It will be cheaper than you have to call a builder.

Here is how to install tile in your house. First, begin the project by preparing everything you need. Make sure that you have been with them when the project is started. Take measurements of the room then cut the cement board to size sing those measurements. Use a razor knife to score one side, turn the board over to finish the cut.

Use caution when cutting to avoid pulling the mesh off the board. When all the pieces are cut, lay them out on the floor to make sure it’s a snug fit. Continue your way by securing the cement board to the floor. Use a screw-gun or cordless drill with screwdriver attachment. Use special cement-board screws, and place them every 6 to 8 inches.

Next, find the center of the room. Mark it by snapping two chalk lines that intersect at the room’s center point. Now, lay out the tile using as many full sheets as possible. Pay attention to the pattern of the tiles to keep the floor beautiful. Work in small sections, lifting out the tiles and spreading the adhesive.

Spread the adhesive smoothly and evenly with a square-notched trowel. Let it dry. After that set the first sheet of tiles into place and press it firmly into the adhesive. Work around the room until the entire center of the floor is covered by the tiles. You also need to cover the perimeter of the room. Cut the tile if you have to. Use a wet saw for it. And it has finished.

After knowing how to install tile, you can begin finishing the project. Always remember to get safety gear and follow proper safety precautions as well when you are doing a project.

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