How to Make a Rug

Present something different in your house. Doing everything by yourself will give you more satisfaction. Create things you need. Do that on your weekend. Start your creation by making a rug. A rug is one of common things which suitable for any room in your house. You can try to make it. Learn how to make a rug and try to do it for your house.

How to make a rug? Start by making a braided rug. Use old fabric as the main material to make it. Then, you should prepare some tools you need like sewing scissors, a ruler, pins, safety pins, sewing needle(s), and thread in a color that’s neutral to the fabrics you’re working with. Now, let’s do the first step.

Cut your fabric into long strips. Try to ensure that they’re of equal width and length, but if there are slight deviations. Do this by taking a ruler and cut little notches every inch or so along one edge of your fabric. If you have any loose strands fussing along the edges of your strips, just cut them away as you come across them. Once you have a nice, big pile of fabric strips, roll them into three equal-sized balls.

To make very long, continuous strands, overlap ends and use a needle and thread to sew them together. Grab an end from each of the three balls, overlap them, and sew them together. Take a safety pin and pin this edge to a couch, curtain, or other sturdy fabric item that you can use to secure it as you work.

Keep the wound balls fairly close together and braid the strips together. Move backward a bit as you work. As the braid gets longer, you can re-pin it to the base again and again. If you’re putting together a square or rectangle, you can just lay the braids side-by-side, pin them together, and then use a needle and thread to sew them together.

For a round or oval rug, coil the end of the braid so it looks like a snail shell, pin that together and sew it. Keep coiling and pinning, and then use that needle and thread to sew all the coils together. Tuck the last bit under the rug to stitch it in place, and it is done. How to make a rug? It is simple, right?

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