How to Make a Terrarium

Are looking for a wonderful accessory for your living room or for your shelves? But you don’t have much money for that? Even, maybe you have no budget for it as you don’t plan it before? It is simple. Just use a terrarium to make your aim achieved. You can make it yourself. Use your ability and your creative mind o finish your project. If you have never worked with it, you can learn how to make a terrarium and try making it at home on your weekend.

Let’s know how to make a terrarium. Start by preparing all he materials you need. When it has been ready, you can do the first step. As a terrarium does not have a drainage holes, you must supply a drainage layer to prevent damage to plant roots. Crushed river gravel works well, but any small stone or bits of broken pottery will work. Usually the depth of the drainage material, charcoal, and soil should equal about one-third the height of the container.

Then, you can continue to the charcoal. On top of the drainage layer, place a thin layer of charcoal. This will help keep the soil fresh. After that, you can work with the soil selection. The kind of soil used will depend on the type of plants you wish to grow.

Use enough soil so that you can create a ‘hole’ where you want to place the root ball of the plants. The last step is landscaping and planting. As plants grow, it is advisable to choose slow-growing plants and not to overplant. Make sure any necessary pruning is done prior to placing the plants in the terrarium.

You also need to make sure plants are free of insects and disease. Place the largest plants in the terrarium first. Then add the smaller plants. Groundcover should be added last. Remember, you are making a miniature landscape, don’t forget to have fun with it and add in small animal figurines. Those are some step which you need to do on how to make a terrarium. Just try making it at home.

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