How to Make Curtains

Curtain gives you chance to complete you room. It is not only just for covering your room from outside and gives you privacy more, but it can also adorn your room be more attractive. How could be done? Is it simple enough to do? It is too silly to say that.

In fact, though it just a simple design, it needs your careful to do the steps of how to make curtains. Every different style of curtains has different difficulty. So, you are very necessary to think the design first concerning to your room and your time.

Let’s move your body to start it now. First step you have to experience is deciding what type of curtain you would like to make. There are some types you may choose they are unlined curtains, lined curtains and interlined curtains. After you have decided your type, then do the next step. Measure your window and decide the size of the curtain. In this step, you need to be more careful to measure. It will determine the beauty of your room.

After you finished your measurement, then calculate how much curtain fabric is required. Calculating the amount of curtain fabric needed can sometimes be deceiving. If you only need to make curtains that are quite narrow (less than one width of fabric), then it can be fairly easy to work out.

However, if you need to make curtains that are wider than a single width of fabric, it can be much harder to work out exactly how much curtain fabric you need, especially if you are intending to use a curtain fabric with a pattern. Now, it is time for you to cut the curtains. It should be fit with your design and your measurement. When the good cut is done, then install the ring hanger to the hanger.

Before you do that, don’t forget to make some holes on your fabric. You can add the small rings to keep the fabric save. Your ways of how to make curtains is over. Although the steps of how to make curtains mentioned above seems so simple, but you need to be more patient and careful to do them. Do them well and enjoy the best of your room.

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