How to Remove Carpet

Is the carpet in your living room dirty? Does it look worn? It is certainly not pleasant views. It can break the beauty of the living room. You should change it. How to do that? It is not a hard work. You just need to learn how to remove carpet and you will be able to do that yourself at your house. It will help you much in saving your budget. It is better to do ourselves than paying others to do that.

Let’s know how to remove carpet in your living room. Start your way by lifting the carpet in a corner of the room. Begin in one corner of the room and lift the carpet off of the tack strip and then continue pulling until three to four feet of carpet is lifted from the tack strip. Second, cut and roll pieces of the carpet.

Take the utility knife and cut the carpet in a strip that’s about three to four feet in width. Starting where you lifted the carpet from the tack strip, roll the cut carpet, pulling it up from the side tack strip as you go. Next, you can cut and remove the padding. Use the same cut and remove process you used for the carpet to remove the padding.

If the padding was glued down in places, you may need to use a long-handled tile removing tool to slide under the padding in order to free the pad up from the glue. Tape the rolls using masking tape and remove them. Don’t forget to remove the tack strips. Place the tack strips in a heavy duty garbage bag and remove them from the room. It has finished.

Continue your way by cleaning up the floor. Sweep up all of the dirt and debris left behind from the carpet removal and dispose of it properly. Once it is clean, you can replace with the new carpet. Those some ways you should do on how to remove carpet. Do the best for your house and get the most comfortable thing to stay.

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