The 5 Best Way How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

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How to make an upholstered headboard is good idea to upgrade your bedding area. It is simple way to make your bedroom looks more attractive and fresh. It is because by upholstering the headboard, you will get new decoration. Besides, it will add some good mood of yours. We have some suggestions for you to get beautiful upholstered headboards. They will be useful for you because they are really simple and easy to be done.

1. Preparing the materials and tools. In upholstering the headboard, you have to prepare some materials and tools, such as foam core board, craft knife, fusible fleece, iron, fusible adhesive, pressing cloth, trim, glue gun, fabric scraps, fusible patterns and self-stick hook-and-loop tape. They are the materials and tool that should be prepared before you continue your project in upgrading your headboard.

2. Determining the shape of the board. It is important to determine the shape of the board to make sure the style of the headboard you want to. You can draw the outline on the foam core board. For the shape, you have to choose the appropriate one to maximize the look of your headboard. After you get the outline, you can score with the knife craft until it is cut completely.

3. Cutting three layers of fusible fleece. This step is done to get then dimension of the board. If it is done, you can alight the on the foam core board. Pick up the pressing cloth and put it over the fleece and press the fleece with iron. But before you iron the fleece, it is better for you to spray it with water. Repeat the step until three layers fuse at once. Make sure you press the fleece in correct way to get perfect result.

4. Preparing the fabric. You have to cut the fabric larger than the foam core to make sure it will cover the sides of the board – front and back sides. You can start from the center of the board and press it onto the fleece. You must do it in the both of sides, and then you can iron them. Choose the best motif of the fabric you want. You can choose the line pattern or other pattern that perfect to your new headboard so that you will get beautiful DIY upholstered headboard.

5. Create the ornament of the edges. You can use the different pattern to decorate the edges of the headboard. Choose the contrast color of the fabric as the edges. Make sure you choose the correct one to get beautiful touches to your headboard. If you apply the black and with style, you can build white upholstered headboard with black flower pattern of the edges. They will create romantic decoration of your headboard.

After you get the headboard you want, you can attach it on the wall. It will be good idea if you install the headboard with elf-adhesive hook-and-loop tape. Use glue to the tape attached and presses them to make a more secure bond. Now you get the newest headboard in your bedroom. By doing this project you will get new beautiful decoration and can cut your budget to buy the new one.

The 4 Best Way How to Mount TV on Wall

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How to mount TV on wall is really needed to know when want to mount TV on the wall. By knowing the way to do it, you will know the correct instructions. Besides, they will help you to make your project easier. Knowing the instructions is important to know to give you’re the direction. It is because if you mount the TV on the wall in wrong way, perhaps it will break your TV and wall. Therefore, we will show you the correct instruction of how to wall mount a TV.

1. Preparing the brackets. Before you mount the TV on the wall, you should have the brackets first. May be you need $50 or $60 dollars to purchase the brackets set. Make sure you order the correct size of the brackets. After you got it, you can start to remove the base that comes with the TV. Lay the TV on the flat and soft item in glass down. Look for the four holes on the back of the TV to place the screws. Put the mounting bracket on the back of the TV and screw them.

2. Find the spot of the wall. You have to determine the spot of the wall to mount the TV. After you know the spot, you can mark them and make four holes based on the size of the brackets. Drill pilot holes according to your marks. Place the mounting bracket on the wall using screws. You should use the screw that bigger that the holes. It is done to get strong screwing of the brackets.

3. Check the brackets. It is important to check the brackets before you hang the TV on it. Make sure the brackets can hold the weight of the TV. Do not make any mistake in this step because if you make mistake, you will not get correct installation of the mount. Recheck each screw to make sure strengthen of them. When it is done, the TV is ready to mount on the wall.

4. Hanging the TV on the wall. After installing the brackets is done, you can pick up your TV to be hung on the wall. Try to hang carefully because you have to hold the TV in installing it. If it is needed, you can find some helps from other guys to help you in holding the TV. If you are alone, you can use the table or anything to hold it. Crew the TV on the brackets in strong position. You can start screwing the TV from the top holes.

Those are the effective ways of how to mount a TV on the wall that will help you to get hanging TV. After you mount the TV on the wall, you can enjoy watch TV with your family. But you have to know that mounting the TV on the wall need good preparations. Remember, when drilling the holes, you should drill them in small holes. If it is not enough bigger, you will be easy to make the bigger one.

The 4 Best Way to Unclog a Toilet

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Best way to unclog a toilet will be good solution of the toilet problem. The toilet sometimes is clogged up so that you have to fix it. It is the basic problem of the toilet. If you have the clog toilet, do not be panic. You can fix it by yourself. Therefore, you have to provide a little time to read this article because we will give you some information about best way to unclog toilet, and t can be good ideas for you.

1. Plunger. If your toilet is clogged up, the best way to resolve this problem is you have to keep the toilet from overflowing. It is important to you to reduce the water spill out to the floor – perhaps it would be disgusting. To reduce the water spill out on the floor, you can place the towels or newspapers on the floor to soak up the liquid. They are good idea to make the easier cleaning of the floor. If you want to pump the toilet, make you know the cause of it. In this case, you have to see whether you can clean the obstruction or not.

2. Use the high quality of the plunger. It is good for you to use the plunger in high quality to make sure your toilet will unclog toilet work well. Choose the plunger with a large heavy duty rubber plunger to make sure it works accurately. Do not use the small cheap one because it will often not work. After that, try to insert the plunger into the toilet bowl. Make sure the plunger can cover the hole completely. You must pushing and pulling the plunger with water, not air, which will make your work easier.

3. Flush the toilet. If the plunging is done, you have to flush it to check the drainage. If the toilet is still clog, you can put the plunger in the bowl of the toilet and fill it with water. Try to pushing and pulling again. If it is working, your project will be done and you can use the toilet. But if it is not working properly, you should find the other way to resolve your problem of your toilet.

4. Use enzyme product. The other the best way to unclog a toilet is using enzyme product. Make sure you purchase the product that has a mixture of enzyme that liquefies waste materials. This kind of product is used to break down waste. Therefore, you will get unclog a toilet and you can use it as usual. After the project done, you have to clean the toilet appropriately to reduce the bed smell.

You have to follow the instruction when using enzyme product. It is because if you use the product over, it will make any damage of your toilet bowl. Make sure you get the correct instruction of unclogging the toilet to get perfect project. You can also resolve this problem by making the homemade drain cleaner. In this case you will need vinegar and baking soda as the main materials of the drain cleaner.

15 Awesome Pottery Barn Teen Bedding with 3 Cool Decor Tips

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Pottery barn teen bedding is the good idea to get beautiful decoration for teen. It is because decorating the bedding for teen gives the attractive touch to the room and surrounding. In teen’s room, there are so many things that should be determined to create fresh and cool look. Most of teens like their rooms look cozy and special for them. We will give you some suggestion in decoration the teens bedding.

1. Choose the bedding. Bed for teen is rather simple than for parent. It is done to give more space in the room. As we know that teen is attractive in any part. They need large space for their activities. In this case, you can apply the simple bedding in unique design to make them proud with their bedding. Industrial bedding is the best one to fill the Pottery barn teens bedding. You can also use rustic bedding to their room. It is rather classic but clam and cozy. If you want to decorate with modern style, you can use dark color of Oak bedding.

2. Furniture. In this kind of room, you have not to apply the big furniture. You can place a dresser or standing closet there. They will help to provide storage space for their clothes. Put the stand table in the corner as the working area. Do not forget to apply some shelves. They can be used to put the accessories and even books. Make sure the shelves is arranges in unique way to create the elegant decoration of teens bedding.

3. Accessories. It is important to put some accessories in this kind of the room. It will create the teens personality and make the room looks really fun. Use the light bedspread on the bed will give more lighting for the room. If it is needed, you can choose the peacock pattern of the bedspread. It is the elegant pattern that most of teens like that. For the curtains, cute color and style will influence the decoration looks. So be careful to choose the design of the curtain and other accessories. They should be matched with teen bedding sets.

In decorating the teen room, you have to know the character of them. Each teen has own character that want to apply to their room decoration. Asking what they want to decorate the room is needed to decide the perfect decoration there. By knowing it, you can determine the appropriate design and style of teen room. For girls’ room, it is better for you to decorate in cute and girly looks. Pink, purple, light green are the perfect colors of them. While for the boy, apply the attractive and brave decoration there.

5 Great Tips to Choose Knobs for Dressers with 20 Ideas

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Knobs for Dressers can add the beautiful touch to the dressers. They create the elegant look that makes the dresser fantastic and amazing. Choosing the knobs for the dresser is important to be determined. There are many kinds of knobs that you can use to makeover your dresser. We will give you some beautiful knobs that can be you’re the best ideas in upgrading your dresser. Let’s check this out.

1. Shape. Before you choose the Knobs and Pulls for Dressers, it is better for you to determine the shape of the knobs. It is dome to het the perfect shape of your knobs and pulls. The shape of the knobs will give you extra beautiful touch on your dresser. You choose the unique shape of the knobs, like diamonds, rhomb, ellipse, rounded knobs or even the know in animals head shape.

2. Size. Size of the knobs will influence the dresser look. If you install the big one while your dresser is in small shape, it will look bad. Therefore, the size of knobs should be match with the size of the dresser. For example if you want to make over your old knobs of the Tall Narrow Dresser, you have to choose the style, size and shape of them to create the beautiful harmony of your dresser. Do not apply the knobs in wrong size; it will make your dresser worse.

3. The price point. In order to makeover your dresser, you have to make sure your budget is enough to buy the knops. If you want to replace the knobs on your dresser, such as Tall Skinny Dresser, with the new one, you have to manage your budget. Find the knobs that match with your budget. You can try to find them in the store or just order in online stores. It is good for you to know how much budget you will spend to makeover your knobs of your dresser.

4. Replacement. You have to buy the extra knobs as the replacement. It is good for you if your knobs are broken; you still have the knob in the same model and size. Buying the extra knobs will help you if the same knobs are not produced anymore or out of production. It can save your budget than you buy the new knobs to the whole drawers of your dresser. You can store the extra knobs in its drawer to make sure you do not forget where you placed them.

Being smart in makeover the dresser is even needed. You will know when you have to replace the old knobs and how much budget you need. But if you want to get the best decoration of your dresser, you can purchase the knobs from the branded knobs provider. We suggest you to purchase the knobs from Big Lots Dresser that provide many kinds of the style, size and model of the knobs. They are guaranty in good quality and durable.