VW is Toast

Ms B ran over what she describes as an exhaust pipe along I-5 and cracked the transmission. State Farm has totaled the vehicle.

First, replacing the transmission is expensive! Luckily, since she hit the pipe, it’s covered under insurance. We took the car to Steve’s Imports to have the transmission repaired or replaced. They were awesome. We borrowed a loaner car which was not a beater; it was a nice 2006 Toyota. When we found out that State Farm was not going to repair the car, we borrowed their car for an extra two days. This was a big help, and I took them cookies because it was so awesome.

Second, I went back to First Tech credit union and asked for a new loan, and we went car shopping. We’re getting GAP insurance through First Tech this time. With the GAP insurance from Wentworth, I have to submit a big stack of paperwork; police report / insurance report / adjuster’s report / payment history / outstanding balance / copy of check from State Farm. It’s offensive. GAP insurance is for the “gap” between what we owe and what State Farm is giving us. None of the rest of that is actually germane to the discussion. At any rate, I have to submit all that paperwork. With the GAP insurance from First Tech, they’ll take care of that for us.

We found a couple of nice cars at Dick Hannah in Vancouver. One was sold before we got there, and we took a Honda for a test drive. It was spotless, and had a warranty. In fact, all of their cars had some kind of warranty; the newer used cars have a 3 month warranty. The salesman thought I was weird for making sure the Honda had windshield wiper fluid. And a jack, and a spare tire. You know why I checked that? Because the VW from Wentworth did not have those items. But Dick Hannah really stood by their cars. Part of that is the state-mandated testing, and part of that is because they want us to come back.

It’s been a real hassle replacing the VolksWagen. But I think we’re winding up with a better car, and there have been a lot of helps with the stress of the situation.

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