Chimney Park Dog Park

Took Mr Akamaru to the dog park tonight. It was our first time at the off-leash park, and this one’s practically within walking distance. He was running around the house driving everyone crazy. Sniffing the cats, barking at the door, just being underfoot and crazy. I was going to take him for a walk but decided to take him to the park instead.

I’m glad I did. He started off kind of reserved, and then stopped when he saw a loose dog. (Good Boy!). Then he checked with me and I told him to “go play.” Not that he’s a good listener or anything, but he took off like a shot. He spent the next forty five minutes or so running at top speed with a pack of other dogs that tolerated his craziness. It was terrific.

I hear that Chimney park’s slated for some upgrades! That’s exciting. We’ll be returning soon!

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