Naito Gas

I drive to work down Naito. It’s quick to get downtown – down highway 30, over to Naito, into downtown along the river. Driving this morning, someone flashed his lights at me a few times Puzzled, I checked my lights, then my speed. Nothing out of the ordinary. No flashing lights from police ahead. So when I saw something in the road, I was prepared. It was a propane tank! I figured it had dropped off a truck or something. I don’t like big things on the road, especially after the VW died, so I checked for traffic, put on my hazards and got out of the car. I pulled it off the road, it was light, it was probably empty.

A guy yelled down at me from the roof above me to thank me, apparently he had dropped it from the roof (three or so stories, it’s a warehouse) and was worried that someone would run into it. He was pretty relieved that it was moved. And then his assistant came running around the corner to take over.

It didn’t occur to me until I got back into the car … it didn’t have to have been empty, that could have been scary. Natural gas all over the highway? Or the gas shooting out and decompressing and dropping the temperature. Or just a fire or explosion? Now that I’m safely at work, I’m free to worry. Although I would probably have noticed “explosive decompression” (plumes of condensation around escaping gas)

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