Christmas Cards

I read with glee this reddit post: ..just received this letter…. What a great idea! I thought. And I started thinking about all the previous employers and friends I could randomly send unmarked cards to, with just that message on the inside. I was getting pretty dang excited about it. I could do him, and him, and definitly him…

But then I thought … why? Why would I do that? It would remind me of those times. And I’m sure the situation was completely the same on the other side- they must have thought I was an asshole too. What if, instead of that, I just sent a card, wished them a happy solstice / new year, and instead of leaving it anonymous, signed it, and made sure to put in a personal note so they knew it wasn’t a fluke. What would the result of that be?

It would be madness. Madness I say. And yet. How would it feel to no longer be carrying around the label of “asshole” for those guys? What an interesting experiment.

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