The 5 Best Way How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

How to make an upholstered headboard is good idea to upgrade your bedding area. It is simple way to make your bedroom looks more attractive and fresh. It is because by upholstering the headboard, you will get new decoration. Besides, it will add some good mood of yours. We have some suggestions for you to get beautiful upholstered headboards. They will be useful for you because they are really simple and easy to be done.

1. Preparing the materials and tools. In upholstering the headboard, you have to prepare some materials and tools, such as foam core board, craft knife, fusible fleece, iron, fusible adhesive, pressing cloth, trim, glue gun, fabric scraps, fusible patterns and self-stick hook-and-loop tape. They are the materials and tool that should be prepared before you continue your project in upgrading your headboard.

2. Determining the shape of the board. It is important to determine the shape of the board to make sure the style of the headboard you want to. You can draw the outline on the foam core board. For the shape, you have to choose the appropriate one to maximize the look of your headboard. After you get the outline, you can score with the knife craft until it is cut completely.

3. Cutting three layers of fusible fleece. This step is done to get then dimension of the board. If it is done, you can alight the on the foam core board. Pick up the pressing cloth and put it over the fleece and press the fleece with iron. But before you iron the fleece, it is better for you to spray it with water. Repeat the step until three layers fuse at once. Make sure you press the fleece in correct way to get perfect result.

4. Preparing the fabric. You have to cut the fabric larger than the foam core to make sure it will cover the sides of the board – front and back sides. You can start from the center of the board and press it onto the fleece. You must do it in the both of sides, and then you can iron them. Choose the best motif of the fabric you want. You can choose the line pattern or other pattern that perfect to your new headboard so that you will get beautiful DIY upholstered headboard.

5. Create the ornament of the edges. You can use the different pattern to decorate the edges of the headboard. Choose the contrast color of the fabric as the edges. Make sure you choose the correct one to get beautiful touches to your headboard. If you apply the black and with style, you can build white upholstered headboard with black flower pattern of the edges. They will create romantic decoration of your headboard.

After you get the headboard you want, you can attach it on the wall. It will be good idea if you install the headboard with elf-adhesive hook-and-loop tape. Use glue to the tape attached and presses them to make a more secure bond. Now you get the newest headboard in your bedroom. By doing this project you will get new beautiful decoration and can cut your budget to buy the new one.

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