10 Cool DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Do feel that your bathroom is so boring? Has it been old? Do you need to present new atmosphere there? Well, don’t worry about that. By DIY bathroom remodeling, you will get a new bathroom nuance. As a place where you can refresh your body, a bathroom should not only be clean and cozy but it also should be interesting so that you can enjoy bathing there. You will not spend much money to do that because you can do that on your weekend. Besides, it’s also easy to do.

You can start remodel your bathroom from the theme color. If you think that your bathroom is really boring, you need to repaint the wall and the ceiling. You can paint the wall with turquoise and apply white as the ceiling color. Then, see the sink. You can use boards in the warehouse to be made cabinets. Place them under the sink as storage. The mirror frame that has been worn can be repainted. Pain it with white. Does your turquoise wall still blank? It will certainly be boring and not stylish.

You are able to lose the blank wall with opening shelves. They can be made them yourself. Boards that are painted with green are attached on the wall with glue or nail. Place them beside the mirror. Put your toiletries there. To beautify its look, you can place yellow flowers in a white vase. Replace the lamp shade of the wall lamps with the new one. You simply cover it with fabric. Use interesting fabric that’s not used anymore in your closet. It will be interesting DIY bathroom remodeling.

In the wet area, maybe you hang a curtain to close your bathing activity there. Change the old curtain with the new one. Try to choose a green fabric with cream stripes to make your curtain. Add green and white doormat to keep the cleanness of your bathroom. If your previous bathroom looked quite fresh, you can put a green potted plant in the corner of the bathroom. It will be very natural. You will feel comfortable and satisfied to bath in the bathroom with DIY bathroom remodeling.

6000+ images about DIY Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

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