15 Excellent Basement Finishing Ideas

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Do you have a basement? Hasn’t it fished yet? If so, try to apply excellent basement finishing ideas to make it perfect. Basement is one of spaces in your home that unfortunately if it’s not utilized. You can use as a home theater, gymnasium, library, or other room you want.

You can start by making sure that your basement is dry. It is really important. When your basement is still damp or wet, it could create a lot of moisture and bring it into the basement. After you are sure that your basement is dry, you can begin to suspend your ceiling preconceptions.

If you need to have access to electrical and plumbing systems in your ceiling, suspended ceiling tiles are the way to go. Otherwise, with a drywall ceiling, you’d have to create access panels. Then, you can color it with cream. Before you place the furniture there, you need to pay attention to the lighting. Give your lighting a recess.

Recessed lighting is great for basements since you don’t want fixtures hanging from a low ceiling. Because there’s limited natural light, basement lighting is essential to brighten up the place. Next, you can add some warmth at the baseboard. Basement is the coolest room in the house, so baseboard heating is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to paint the wall.

Try to use same color as the ceiling. It will make your basement looks more spacious. But before you painting the wall, you need to put some furring there. By installing furring strips on the wall, so you will have a 1/2 – inch of space between the interior wall and the moisture on the outside wall.

Now, your basement is ready to be use as a home theater. It’s the last of excellent basement finishing ideas. Place large screen on the wall. Frank it with two big photo frames. Put the sound system in the corner. As the seat, you may use sofa and lounge chairs.

Add a coffee table to place snacks and drink while watching a movie. Perfect it with some cushions. Those are the excellent basement finishing ideas that can be applied to your basement. Get a nice basement and enjoy being there.

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