20 Interesting College Dorm Ideas

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Do you have to back to your dorm? Maybe you will still like to stay at home longer. Moreover if your room is more interesting than your dorm, you don’t want to leave it. But, it can be solved by presenting interesting college dorm ideas. By applying those ideas, you will feel at home during living in the dorm.

Besides, you may also bring your dearest and most favorite stuff with you. Take your blanket, a decoration, a cushion, a lamp or anything that might create a home-like feeling. Then, put them in the dorm.

Although you want to bring your favorite stuff at home with you, it doesn’t that you don’t need to manage your room. Let’s see. Maybe you will not get a dorm as large as your room at home. Yet, you can manage it to be interesting. You can start the first of college dorm ideas from the background color selection. The room which is not too large will be narrower if you apply dark colors. So, it would be better to paint you room with white.

White will make your room more spacious. On the other hand, you can also choose any colors to be combined with it. Then, you can decorate your bed. Start by covering your bed with a pink and green flower bedcover. It looks charming on the white couch. Add plain green and pink pillows. If you need more space to store your stuff, you can use the space under bed as the storage. Let the bedcover hanging down, so that you stuff will not visible.

In front of the windows, you can place a study desk with a chair. Try to use green desk and pink chair. They will show your soul as a college student. Beautify its look with fresh yellow flowers in a glass vase. Don’t forget to place a white opening book shelve on the right side of your desk. Spread a green rug. Sit on it when you feel bored studying on your desk. End the interesting college dorm ideas by wall décor. You may hang your photo frames or paintings. Frank them with white wall lamps. You will get a room as amazing as yours at home.

7333+ ideas about College Dorm Ideas Design Ideas

4999+ ideas about College Dorm Ideas Design Ideas

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