35 Stunning Fireplace Makeover Ideas

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Is the look of your fireplace boring? Does it decrease the beauty of your living room? If so, you need to do something. By stunning fireplace makeover, the beauty of your fireplace will back. It will beauty your living room, too. There are many ways to makeover your fireplace. You can choose from the simplest to the most complicated. Take the best one and apply it to your fireplace. It would be wonderful.

You can makeover your fireplace with Halloween nuance. It’s simple. And of course you will get an interesting fireplace. It you need to repaint it, it’s better for you to apply grey as its color. You can combine it with beach sand color. It will look on the white wall and the dark brown wooden flooring. Let’s start to decorate it. You may place TV on its sill. Frank it with flowers vases on the both sides of the TV.

Add a small bonsai plants but high on the back of the vase. Choose a bonsai without leaves and flowers. It would be more beautiful if you choose a bonsai that rise from sill to ceiling. Then, you can put glasses candles in front of the TV. It will not cover your TV because the candle glasses are not too high. Don’t forget to show off your fireplace makeover through the ceiling lamps. Install two ceiling lamps right over the fireplace.

Beauty of fireplace can be made more stunning with decoration on the floor around the fireplace. You will show off the Halloween sense there. Halloween is close with pumpkins. You may use pumpkins dolls around it. Don’t forget to spread a rug. You will place the pumpkin dolls on it. If you don’t like to use dolls, it’s also possible to use pumpkin-shaped trinkets. It will be wonderful.

If you never show your creative mind in your house, it’s nothing wrong if you try to work with your own ideas. By combining the fireplace makeover with your imagination, you will get a stunning fireplace.

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4444+ ideas about Fireplace Makeover Design Ideas

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